Why You Want to Respond to Complaints Fast with Dave Negri 236 

December 5, 2017

Why you want to respond to complaints fast, turn the negative into a positive.

We all get phone calls and the phone calls we get for getting new customers are the ones we love, but you know the ones that complain are the ones that we hate I mean literally hate.

When we see the number on the phone we just cringe so today I want to talk about how to respond to complaints fast, why you want to respond to complaints fast, so you know it’s kind of funny as we sit down and we look

and we get all these calls of people who complain and hopefully it’s not too many, but if it is a lot then that’s a whole other area that we need to work on.

And that’s service and probably the need to raise your prices because you’re cutting your service short.

We’re just going to go into responding to complaints fast.

Keeping an even enhancing client relations is to respond to complaints quickly and efficiently never ever leave a client unhappy even if they are a bad apple, and you want to get rid of them. The best way to get rid of them is to make them happy even if you have to give them part or all of their money back.

You say are you crazy I’ve done all that work why would I want to give him the money back?

Yes sometimes you need to give them a portion of money back just to get them off your back and you know they can say bad things about you today with the Internet.

It’s called webtribution, retribution on the web it’s more likely that they will then they won’t so if you don’t they’ll go to

and tell everyone they know what a terrible company you are thinking of as money well spent from bad publicity

and write it off as advertising because it is a marketing expense when you.

Get to the point where you’ve got a customer’s complaining and whining and just, make them happy however you can whatever you can do to make them happy do it, because you know what really happens they’re going to complain to all their friends and tell them how bad you are and if your name comes up to your company’s name comes up they’re going to say you know I had a problem with them.

If you take care of it quickly and honorably this is what will happen with your customer.

I had some problems in the beginning, but they took care of everything.

And therefore, made me a happy customer and I’m glad to endorse them and refer to them.

Think of it as an advertising expense to create a happy customer , a loyal customer, a raving fan.

If they are a bad customer them take care of them and don’t so business with m again.

It’s like this never, loose a customer.

They are 5 times expensive to replace than keeping s good customer.

There are so many ways to do almost free marketing you just have to think about it or you could just go to the web site and pick up the free download.

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