Why and How I Get 62% Referrals With Aaron Hendon | Podcast Episode 167

March 30, 2017

Aaron is a Seattle Realtor, real estate investor, author, educator and speaker. He believes the performance that matters to people is not how well a Realtor or business person has done for themselves but how well they have done for their clients. How do you serve your clients?

One of the first things that you’ll notice about Aaron Hendon is that he knows how to attract clients. That’s what sets him apart from the average real estate agent.

And that’s what separates you from your competition.

Aaron created a lead attraction magnet because he felt like there was something missing in his arena.

He has a commitment to educate the people on what’s missing in their business and the way that people interact with people in his industry, the real estate industry, so he educates the consumer.

He becomes the expert in his field by doing this.

His goal is to educate his potential client, or potential clients that are looking in this industry to at least raise the bar on what they should expect from other so-called professionals in the real estate industry or any industry.

We really talked about a lot about the book idea and how to use the lead attraction in his book. Don’t get fooled again it insider’s guide to the Seven Questions You Must Ask to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Real Estate Agent  (again)

I want you to go download this book at the bottom of this page. I want you to look at it and study it… copy it, do whatever you can do to transform this type of report into your own words. Put it on your website and include it in your marketing to draw people to your website.

As we were talking and I asked him about referrals, this is what was unique! Aaron has a whole system for how he gets a 62% referral rate from his clients. I want to go listen if you haven’t take notes on how you can do the same thing.

He pretty much lays out his whole system, what he does and how he does it. I suggest you can take the time to copy and make a system like this yours because that’s where the money is in referrals. This is why referrals are so good. Because someone already sold them on you, you just have to go perform the task to get the order and collect the money.

It’s as simple as that! With a referral closing right should run 80 to 90% because all the hard work is already done.

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Don’t get Fooled Again: an Insiders Guide to the  Seven Questions You Must Ask to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Real Estate Agent (again)

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