What Every Contractor Ought to Know About Face Book Advertising with Pete Mitchell #41

October 30, 2014

We first talked to Pete in Podcast #6 – talked about direct response and stating it was immediate response marketing.

facebook-marketing-book-pete-mitchell-202x300What Every Contractor Ought to Know About Face Book Advertising with Pete Mitchell #41Pete just wrote a new book, getting buyers, getting leads iand buyers n some cases within Minutes. Actually What Everyone Ought To Know About Facebook Advertising: How You Too Can Generate Hot Qualified Leads In The Next 20 Minutes With Facebook.

With an ad or postcard, it can take weeks or even months to find out that your ad sucks and gets no results. With how Pete teaches there are instant results.

HOT TIP – Test with $50! If you are going to be doing a mailing campaign or ad, make sure you test your sales message and creative on Facebook first to see what actually drives sales or leads. No more guessing, now you can make sure you ad work before you spend thousands of dollars paying for a dud marketing piece.

The beauty of Facebook ads (and other pay per click ads) is that you can find out right away if your ad is going to work. If you set up an ad, run it and no one clicks, you HAVE to change your verbiage or image to something that will make them take notice. But at least it doesn’t cost you any money to try and see what your ad copy is doing in front of real consumers.

Metrics determine a lot in Facebook advertising for contractors. Say your ad is seen by 10,000 and 3% clicked on it. If you have an ad that is getting .3% click through you know you have a bad ad.

It is super important to look not just at lead costs but at what the cost is to convert a prospect. Need to figure out what they are willing to spend to get a new customer. You will want to look at the profit margin for your products or services so you know how much you can spend per lead.

Starts with right lead bait so that your prospect will want the free report, audio or webinar that you are offering. Then he sends an auto responder series with one simple question like “where is your business located?” REALLY all you want to do is get them to talk with you! Ultimately there is a three question series that 50-60% of the people on his auto responder have answered.

Facebook is not the only way to market, you want to track ALL of your leads even from a magazine ad. Make sure you have multiple sources of leads so that you are not at the whim of any special kind of marketing.

This won’t last forever…there is probably at least a year of good, cheap marketing. After that there will a couple more years of good marketing and then it might switch over to another channel.

Marketing Niches For Contractors

interview-pete-Mitchell-what-weveryone-ought-to-know-about-face-book-advertising-contractor-marketing-41-e1414457969959What Every Contractor Ought to Know About Face Book Advertising with Pete Mitchell #41It would be a really fun area! Local brick and mortar businesses are “easy” to market with Facebook. You can do a Facebook offer which is different than an ad. You can target Tampa Bay homeowners with a coupon for 20% off. You can schedule it with an expiration date. It will have a button that says “get offer”. Once they click the button, Facebook emails them all the information to redeem coupon. “Call this offer before Monday and we will give you a FREE estimate”. You will still want to track your lead cost.

Make sure it is an irritable offer! This is hot lead, they need what you’ve got! Your lead costs go down as more people take the offer because it shows social proof that X number of people have taken the offer.

As it gets close to the end date, Facebook notifies them that the expiration date is coming close.

You can do this kind of offer with no website, no list and no email system. There isn’t even a revenue sharing cost like there is on Groupon. You can even copy your competitions ads on Groupon and do it with Facebook.

What Is The Minimum?

Can start with $1 but don’t plan on spending $50 in one day. It takes on average 3-5 days for Facebook to figure out how the ads are going to work and who will respond best to your offer. When testing spend $50/5 days, or $10 a day. Facebook WANTS to give you who you want because then you will spend more money with them!

The Magic

The real magic is the ability to target. You can pick only homeowners who have a certain level of income, or who drive a certain type of car or who have an elderly relative living in the home. You can say you want people who have kids living in the home.

Dave knows a handyman who only targets single women who have children in the home with his honey-do services.

Please remember that you are not your prospects. Just because you wouldn’t click on a Facebook ad doesn’t mean no one will.

You have to know a bunch of different ways to generate leads. Pete had a great example of when the “do not call” list went into effect and some of the biz owners were forced out of business because they had no other way to get business.


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