What Business Are You Really In with Pete Mitchell 208

October 26, 2017

In today episode in our contractor marketing podcast

We talk about

What business are you really in?

  • The painting business,
  • The roofing business
  • The pressure cleaning business
  • Do you really know.

Let me ask you what business are you really in? If you answered one of the above or the trade you are in.

That is how you derive your income.

If you can’t get customers on a regular basis through lead generation or marketing you have no business.

You are really in the lead generation business how do you get leads proper marketing

You want immediate results marketing.

Why should you run an ad a second time if it doesn’t pull the first time. You shouldn’t run the same ad.

Are you marketing into a black hole?  Stop It.

If you learn how to put to put together a proper pulling piece you will have instant results marketing more on that next week

Do you Track your marketing how far do you go?

Do you really want results or feel comfortable?

What is education based marketing?

Are you a last-minute marketer?

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