Using Yelp Marketing For Your Contracting Business (A Hidden Resource!)

February 11, 2014

Yelp is not often the first choice for marketing your contracting business.

When most people think of ways of marketing their contracting business, the first resource that comes to mind is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or another social media site. But there is a hidden resource that you can use very much to your advantage! Yelp can be just the thing to help brand your contracting business.

Yelp is a review site that people use to give feedback about a business. Not only is it a business review site, but it is a great clearing house for events and special offers. Even better, it’s trying to work its way into the social networking world by giving people the ability to “friend” and talk with other members of Yelp.

Just thinking about reviews alone, there are over 9 million local reviews. Certainly a great source to find out what people in your area really think about a service or business. Which is why, as a contracting business owner, it’s a great place to build positive exposure. After all, smart people check on a business before using it for something as important as contracting. Yelp is one place they go to look.

So how can you leverage Yelp in your marketing?

First, join and write reviews of other businesses that you do business with. It’s important to have a robust and active profile. Keep that profile consistent with your other social media marketing. In other words, brand across them.

Next, use the interests area to link to your website, blog, and other profiles. When you review other businesses, be honest and fair, and let the business know you reviewed them so they can respond. That also means you need to not only read the reviews of your business, but respond to them as well. Again, be honest and fair and make sure to address concerns adequately. Also make sure to add recommendations of other businesses to your clients.

Don’t forget to ask your customers and clients to rate you on Yelp. This is important because when you get a good review you get a front page link on the search engines. More positive exposure. To make sure people can find your Yelp listing put a link in your email signature, put it on your business profiles, website and blog site, and post it where customers and clients will see it. Also use the smartphone app and encourage customers to do the same.

Yelp has many more features, so go check it out and jump in to this great marketing tool!

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