Using Chat Bots to Triple Your Sales Conversions Heather Havenwood 258

January 10, 2018

Today we’re going to talk about chatbots. Using Chat Bots to Triple Your Sales Conversions without being tech savvy.  With Heather Havenwood all about using Chatbots within Facebook to grow your business.

I’m happy to have a returning guest with us Heather Havenwood. And we had her on a while ago and she offered up some awesome content to know who you’re selling to. So, after this episode, you might want to go and listen to that episode of know who you’re selling to.

But today we’re going to talk about chatbots. How to triple your conversion rates with your sales without being tech savvy. So, if you don’t know about Heather let me tell you a little bit about her. She is CEO of Hazelwood worldwide. She’s sexy boss, a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top 40 in internet marketing business strategies and marketing.

She since marketing her first online business in 1999, brings together clients and personal coaches. She has played an active role in online marketing world since before most of us even had computers.

In 2006 she started developing and growing online information marketing publishing company from ground zero to over a million dollars sales in less than 12 months starting with a list of the product name or an offer. Heather and molded her clients into successful gurus now known as the expert in this field. She is awesome, and she really knows her stuff. So, let’s welcome Heather today.

Heather so great to have you again. And I’m just so excited to really talk about chatbots. I know it’s something new that I’ve heard about a little but almost nothing. So, this is going to be exciting. Thanks so much for being with us.

Thank you for having me. This is going to be a lot of fun so it’s going to be different and chatbots, feel like what’s a chatbot, I will explain all of that. Awesome. OK. All right. So, here’s what chatbot is. I mean just kind of dive into it if you’re ok with that.

My name is. My name is Heather Havenwood and I’m a marketer in an online marketing for since 2001 and I had my, I actually got my online degree my master’s degree in 2010. My first million online was in 2005 right so I’ve been around a long time in one of the things about me is I’m an early adopter. Not everyone’s like that. I got that from my father actually.

Whenever there was a change of technology from BETA to VHS to like those discs we had for a while he was like the first one out the gate to buy the technology. In fact, in 1985 just to give you I guess when I get this from 1985 he had a physical bone in his car wired in his car he drove 80 miles from our house to the nearest train and when the train ran by he called his buddy and said look I’m, I’m in my car and a car phone is like 1985. OK. Wow. And I think it was like 50 dollars a minute or whatever it was. But this is before the bag phone.

He was one of the first people in Houston Texas in the 80s to get a phone and he was very proud of that. So that’s just I think that’s where I get it from. I’m a true early adopter and I kind of have it. It’s like I’ve heard about it. I’m probably late. I just have this kind of weird thing. But, I will say with chatbots it’s a little bit different technology, but it really is the future. So, let’s kind of take you back down to a technology lane if you will. Right.

Let’s start with good old-fashioned Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages. I remember going up we have yellow pages. My grandmother lived on her yellow pages. He wanted a plumber, or they wanted a roofer, they wanted whatever they open the yellow pages and all the market people talked about the yellow page remember that. Yeah absolutely. All right the bigger the ad the more people who will get to read the copy.

And then what you trying to get them to do. You tried to get them to do what. Call the office sure. That was the thing. And then you got them to convert from there. Then we had the big explosion of online marketing in the last couple least of decades. Is it all about ads.

Now no longer Yellow Pages but now that it was newspaper ads direct mail it’s all about no matter what your ad is Facebook, online, Google, Yelp what are you going to do.

Call. You still want them to call or go to your Web site and call. Especially with service-based businesses. Absolutely. Mainly because you want to say what’s going on what’s happening. When can we meet? Here’s what’s happening with text messaging. So, let me give you kind of an example.

Go back three years. I opened a weight loss company here in Austin. So, it was a service-based business. Local business right. And it was kind of a new business and so what we want to do is again like you guys we wanted them to call to set an appointment. But from the beginning, I knew that a couple of things one of our target markets was women in the construction business even though it’s predominantly male-dominated the customer is the woman.

Absolutely right. She’s the one dealing with the leaky roof she’s the one dealing with all of that. The plumbing situation even though maybe you know the man comes in to fix it. The customer is a woman. Absolutely.

Go back to this weight loss program. I knew the market was women and women like texting more than men. There’s stats on that. OK. So, I thought to myself OK well we’re going to set this phone number up. Obviously, we said the phone number, but it was a virtual number for the beginning. There’s all kinds of companies you can use Grasshopper, Google Voice, whatever.

And the number one thing that I said the company we have to make sure the phone number is textable and the like really __, it has to be textable and it has to be text was such a way that no matter who is working that day, myself I work in the office as virtual or anybody that we actually had in the office that they physically, they could text message back the customer as fast as they possibly could.

So, it first happened my staff was like no one’s going to text us or on my watch. Sure, enough we put on all our ads either on the Website, Yelp, Google ads whatever our thing was when we did even radio we said call or text number, call or text number. And guess what happened.

We had people text and they say: “I just heard your ad on, I just saw your ad on Yelp, whatever can you tell me more about it?” Now here’s what’s happening. People are busy. They got their lives going on their moms or whatever they’re busy lives right. They go oh I really want to try that. I’ll send them a text but they don’t really want to have the time to call and have this big conversation. Right. Right. So, it’s their way of kind of like oh I’ll start something and then like a follow-up. But they don’t want to e-mail either because they kind of want to talk to somebody, so they text.

Now here’s another example. So, we actually had a huge amount still, do have you drop people texting. And then what we do is we’ll text back and forth a little bit and then go hey is this a good time to call you so we can now continue the conversation get your schedule and then they’ll go “Yeah, come in 10 minutes or actually give me five minutes. Yeah. Call me now” Boom. Now we’re calling, we’ve had we’ve had a connection, come on the phones, schedule an appointment, you’d be surprised.

Well the interesting thing, I’m hearing you’re going through the whole sequence. You’re texting back and forth and you’re creating a dialogue and a familiarity and then you’re asking them permission to call them which then they’re saying yes.

Yeah exactly. They reached out with the text which is what I call a soft connection. No commitment. And then-then we would always encourage our staff to say try to get on the phones as fast as possibly can so they can answer questions faster. Of course, and get an appointment.

And but when you’re in that dialogue then you can have a permission-based conversation where you’re like hey is a good time call you when should I call you? Perfect timing I’m driving. Great. You know or hey you’re going to be on speaker with the kids. No problem. You know so now you’re calling them and they are inviting us to call them.

I know that’s so awesome. It is also, that we did.

So, here’s another thing and give me another example here just in case you’re just like oh I don’t believe it. I had a gentleman who was in a mastermind with me who his agency did all was managing all the lawyer infomercials to just commercials right across the country and that the lawyer was one of those ones where it’s like: “Do you this crazy sickness I can never say it. OK. I can’t say I call this number does you have this. This is, call this number. You know your part of a class action lawsuit” So that was his agency like blasting this and their conversion wasn’t getting very high and they didn’t understand.

So, they, once someone said someone called in the customers who are feeling like and she goes well someone called in the other day and said they tried to text the number and nothing happened. And of course, everyone in the agencies that text the number that they go to.

Why don’t you make the number textable and see what happens? So, said what we could do that. Right. So, they made the same phone number. No changes really textable. And I think on the ad they put, call or text. What do you think happened? They got and ended with texts because nobody wants the call and really talk to somebody right now. Exactly. They don’t want to be sold.

Right. And you also don’t know maybe they’re in a loud factory or maybe a hospital, maybe they didn’t want to actually talk to, they can’t, maybe they legally can’t, maybe are in front of people they don’t want to have a conversation about right.

Oh yes, let’s talk to a lawyer right. So, there are all kinds of reasons why people text versus call. Sure. Right. My sister, when she’s in a certain area of her work. She can’t take calls because for some reason the area is restricted. She’s like I can text you but I can’t call you back. Right. So, stuff like this you just realize that you can still get in communication and so give the customer through text so what they did they made it textable and they got inundated their conversion went way up and they’re all happy.

Right. Yeah. Instead, they made the customer service people take the text and they, it’s just like chat nowadays. I mean I go when I do customer service for clients or I go into a software that I’m purchasing the first thing I do is chat right because I have music in the background or I have you know kids screaming the background the dogs, but I can chat through what I need but I can’t get a call. So, the point do you want to do more of that and that’s where chatbots come in. OK

So, here’s what’s happening now because people are already used to texting. And sometimes people don’t even want to give out their phone number because when they text you, you’re the front of them. Yeah. What’s happening now is Facebook early 2017. They opened up their API. We will talk for a second. They opened up their API for their messenger which is their texting communication right. They opened it up, API really from the concept of what do we do with this thing.

We want more people on our platform. We pretty much want to take over the world. We don’t want anyone anymore to even use their phone. They want us to call and voice call and video call and do everything with Facebook.

How can we get more businesses to use our services? How can we get more businesses on our platform? They go well let’s open up the API and see what happens. They open up the API. Kind of like OK developers go. We don’t know how to sell this so why don’t we just open up the platform.

And there’s about 40, 50 companies in San Francisco area and they are kind of tap the shoulders on and said OK. You start your own company and we’re going to let you API into our service. It’s not for the public it’s just for like who we tap and see if you can find a way that will you know will basically increase the amount of businesses on our platform.

So that’s what happened. And it’s only been around pretty much since the first quarter of  2017 and what’s happened now is there are all these different services trying to figure this out where they are now no longer on their Website no longer saying things like click to my Website or click to chat or click to call.

They’re saying hey click here to talk to somebody right away. And it opens up the Facebook messenger app on desktop as well as mobile. And so, what happens is you now are engaging with the company via their Facebook app, via their fan page or their business page immediately. Interesting. Yeah.

So, then you can move them from there to wherever you want. Here’s a link to site for a service. You know why don’t you give us a call I’m available right now. By the way, you’re on our fan page if you click on this link it takes you to our service agreement whatever you want. What they’re trying to do is have it so that business is really no longer would have Websites they just have business pages.

Wow. That’s interesting. And that’s why I think it is. And it’s clickable so here’s how it hits it and then I would go to the next level of this. So, I’m going to give you my chatbot link right now and I want everyone listening to go to this URL and engage with my chatbot and notice how different it is than going into our website to opt-in or just calling me or anything like that. Notice the differences here ‘s the URL, ready? Yup. www.  My name is Heather Anne so, Now you put that in URL, no matter if you’re on desktop, no matter if your iPad, or your phone it’s going to happen.

It’s going to open it and it’s going to turn, you’ll see that like open and open again, and it will go right to Facebook Messenger. Wow. Ok. .

Yes. So that once you experience it now mine’s customized and the first thing it says is like “Hi” and it starts to have a conversation like Hi I’m Heather Havenwood. This is what I do, you know. And then I ask it a question. The first question I ask when I ask you is “What’s your name?”

What am I doing? I’m building a list near you. David, you’re like great Dave. They’ll say tell you what do you own a business because that’s what I do. Right. And you can say yes or no. “Great!” right you’re in a business that’s awesome because that’s what I do I help businesses expand their space expand their revenue through different through exposure visibility and profitability. You go, “Great!”

And it will tell you what I like because “I’m a bot. I don’t know if you’re man or woman. Will you tell me if you’re man or a woman? Then you say, “Man” Type in MAN. “Great!” Right. Expands things, I go, tell you what I should give your free gifts just for your time today. Here is. Will you please give me your e-mail address? You type your e-mail address. Press ‘send’. Awesome. Here is your gift. I just had an entire interaction with you.

Yeah, that’s pretty amazing. Now here’s what’s cool about it. Why you’re having that interaction. If I can actually watch you do this entire process live. Like I can be sitting at my desk as a customer service person or the CEO of the company. Watching people interact and at any moment in the middle of the conversation. I could just like come in and go “Hey”, “Hey, how’s it going?” And I can totally take away the competition of the bot and just literally have a conversation with you.

I don’t know what to do. And the chatbots going. You can literally have someone go Oh hey you know I’m here right now we’re available we can get someone out. Can I get your number to call you right now and what’s going on? What’s your address? Now, what can we do for you? Start actually communicating with the right way via chatbot and everything’s recorded and everything you can see at any time.

Wow. That’s way, way better than a Web site. It’s way better than a website right. First of all, it doesn’t go there then opt-in and you get autoresponder. You just need a whole process right. And so, you can so much time.

But here’s the cool piece. It also brands you it has a conversation. There’s a company here in Austin called the Reliant plumbing. And oh my god they, they do the best ads. They really do.  I have to give them credit. The radio ads and ads and its husband-wife team. I’ve never used them but I hear their stuff all the time. And, the radio ads. it’s husband-wife team. And they have this kind of brand, the whole fun team going on. But they’re still on plumbing for God’s sake.  And you got to rate it, it’s funny. So, they lost the whole brand through fame. Now they just drive people to the website of course and their brand and their phone number.

And I don’t they do text messaging but they’ve created this kind of funny brand. Between them, you know between the husband-wife. He acts like these guys as goofy guy and she acts like she’s like seriously honey you know like that whole thing.

Imagine if you had a cartoon of them were few ones with chatbots and high, and all of a sudden you had the spokespeople the CEO’s husband-wife team basically talked to you go “Hey!” And they had this little fun banter for ten seconds. You’re reengaging with them and you’re reengaging with your brand. And that’s key because we want to, at the end of the day businesses what do business people it’s human to human interaction.

They don’t run businesses with brands. But what they what they what we’re doing now with artificial intelligence basically is rebuilding connection with bots which is aka a cartoon of Disney. We have a relationship to Winnie the Pooh. We have a relationship to Mickey Mouse. We can have a relationship with a cartoon right represent something to us.

Remember that the movie with Tom Hanks where he’s alone on an island for forever. He literally had a relationship with a volleyball called Wilson. Right. Right. He built this interaction with it. We have this is old school, Wendy’s. You know we’ve had interactions with the dog, Spot. I think it was Budweiser. We’ve had we’ve had relationships with inanimate objects before and cartoons.

That is a way to connect with an audience. So that’s how Chat Bots allow, you to do that and it also allows you going at one level but also alleged that sustained interaction fast speed connection with the with the with your customer and you don’t have to have a big hole.

You know there are services you get that are called chat services. Yeah. Yes, that’s true. That takes a little more manpower right because any anybody in your office can be logged into and be a part of the Facebook business page. And anybody can be having a conversation with a client.

It starts with the CEO. Yes. Yeah. It’s kind of interesting because it’s like you know even when you get a text on your phone or you check it always before you will an e-mail. So, the chatbots if you’re on the other end you just know that it’s up and running all the time and you would be able to use it so much better than answering the phone ain’t it?

Yeah absolutely. And plus, on top of that you know you again you don’t know are people going on in the background their world right. Being able to chat and have a conversation with a service provider like Hey I like to have you come out roofing. I’ve got a hole Yeah, I live in South Elvis or the South Austin. I really rather have it on Tuesday and how this whole conversation and go Yeah. Well, we have something available 2;00 on Tuesday. Here’s my address. Thank you so much. We’ll follow up with you in a week.

All that can be done. In fact, my head my AC go out actually three months ago and believe it not I was very impressed. This company texts me a text me but the only thing that I think they did incorrectly is that I had a phone number I called. And then the text came directly from the technician. The problem with that is a different phone number. Wouldn’t it be that everything comes from one place? That’s the beauty of Chat Bot. You don’t have three numbers right.

It could be anyone. Right. Because the technician can leave. They can leave the company tomorrow, in a year, and you really don’t want to have that right. When you want to own the customer. And with all the technology there is today you can have all your phone numbers from the company forwarded from one out. Yeah. So, if I have five technicians they could all be routed through that one number. Exactly.

Yeah. So that way. Anyway, like I said with Facebook how Facebook as if I own a Facebook page and I own a business I can have you as they call it editor. I don’t have this system. I can have a business manager all the editors at any moment.

Everyone’s texting from the same location to the customer. So that’s continuity. Right, it’s continuity to the customer, so a customer’s text via Facebook Messenger. They used to clock smart. That sounds great. Awesome. And then all of a sudden you have the technician Mike go “Hey Sarah. This is Mike your technician”. And again, it’s coming from the same place it’s coming from Facebook Messenger. Just want to let you know I’m on my way. I’ll be there in 15 minutes 20 minutes. I’m running late. Whatever. You know if there’s any problems or any changes please just text back to this Facebook Messenger and either myself or someone from our team will help you.

Right. And that’s a cool thing to do because like now I and my other business have people when I talk to them though I’ll ask them what method you prefer. And they probably say text me the most. Most of them are saying text now because they’re on the go and no glance at a text and no answer. Or you know at times I’ll call somebody and knows you know on my phone and says I can’t take the message now so they end up getting a text right. They got texts right.

And I’ve actually had a situation where it was a service provider and I said I can’t get on your calendar. You could text me and like well we don’t text them you need to step up. They are in the real world so the point is that you want to have both right now. I think having your phone number textable.

You can do this you can do that through Central, you can do that through Grasshopper, Google Voices is a lot of different areas you can do that is OK. But then also having the Facebook ad or the Yelp ad, you can literally text have the URL go right to the messenger. So goes right to the chat box experience. It doesn’t go to my page. And then you click. No, it goes right. Right. Right.

The Chat Box experienced first thing actually the interaction. And you can actually like you so you say you can give a free report or give me a free gift from there. Absolutely. Absolutely. And then you can then you can send them to your web page if you so desire to. Exactly then definitely. I mean you’d be surprised nowadays. I mean just the other day I went to Facebook I’m looking for a new gem on something. I went their Facebook page, their business page and this was me testing them.

So, went their Facebook page a business page. And I went to their message and I started texting them questions. Now, it was late at night. Like it was late, was like ten o’clock and I didn’t expect them to respond at all like I expected either they weren’t going to respond, or two, may or may not respond in the morning if someone’s actually managing their Facebook page.

What’s interesting about it is the owner, she responded in 20 minutes. She’s like “hey yeah, I was sleeping. It’s all right, Sure, you know what Why don’t we give you a free weekend.  Love for you to come in. My name is Sam, I’m the owner.     I love to connect with you and see how we can support you. I was like “Awesome!”. Because well have the days of weak control of when people buy over. The nine to five is over.

And so, I’m not saying you have to sit there all night. You know, and you can’t ever turn your hours off and you can but have to allow people to connect with you when they want to connect with you. And lots of times it happens at seven o’clock at night when they’re at dinner and their husbands like we got to fix the plumbing Let’s push it in the morning. Doesn’t work anymore.

It’s like you know what I’ll text them right now and they’ll get it in the morning and they’ll call me when I’m running around 8 o’clock in the morning because of so many of those in our weight loss company people text as after hours. Really?

You know the interesting thing too is like I’ve done a lot of research, not research but you know playing with other people’s websites and see how they respond. You know to email him or send him an email from their website and nobody virtually nobody checks the email that they get from their websites. Yeah, that’s really strange to me. I get a lot of people don’t.

But if you do a texting and it is going right to you in a different format than you know, I think that’s pretty awesome just the way that that whole thing set up. I’m going to have to check it out. So how did you pick up your URL? You just put it into when you set it up. Yes, you can buy your URL anywhere, of course, or whatever. And then ask. It doesn’t make sense. I just I had I had it sitting there and now you can make it whatever you want.

You can make it your us what you can make it whatever you want it’s just an easier redirect obviously, because we’re sitting here sitting here the audio you know you know I’ve explained to you what it is or what’s happened with the API with Facebook the techie is to notice nowadays your Facebook Messenger is now an entirely different URL M./

What Facebook did is basically, Facebook now has two websites, it’s and Yes, so that’s why your app you have an app for Facebook and an app for messenger. OK. From a distance, so your Facebook business page Messenger is literally an entire another URL.

And so, this is new to me. So, I could have Facebook off. Right. So that’s how I open up my desktop with Facebook because it’s too much drama. But I can communicate with business people all day long on Facebook Messenger. So, I close Facebook, but I open that messenger and I go to you know and that opens up my messenger so all I see on the desktop is messenger. Anyone talking to me. I don’t see any of the blog posts or drama or ads or any of that stuff because that’s turned off okay. So, it’s two, it’s two entities at this point.

You look at Facebook as if there’s two companies two URLs and that’s why the messenger literally is its own world and they’re going to start. They’ve already started but they’re slowly rolling it out. They’re going to start so that you can actually advertise inside of messenger. So eventually, especially 2019. That’s a good or bad thing. Yeah right. The cool thing though about that for a local business right. Save money or whatnot. A local business you can really you can really focus on people that are in their message or app at 10-mile radius or at a 50-mile radius.

The other thing with that is here’s what’s really cool which I forgot. So, let’s the moment you start interacting with my chatbot and I mean the moment all you have to say is hello. And that’s considered it opt-in. So, what’s happening in the background is I’m connected to a third-party service remember this third-party company I told you about I’m connected to a third-party server I pay $20 a month and there are tons of out there.

One of them is called many chat spells it M A N Y C H A, 20 bucks a month. What it’s doing and again it’s this open API company okay. What it’s doing is at the moment you say “hello”. OK. On my page the moment, many chat considers that an opt-in. You’ve interacted. You’ve interacted therefore you are at opt-in. Therefore, you’re now on my list. I can broadcast. I can send a New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve special to anyone that’s ever interacted with my business page messenger ever. You’re on my list.

The cool thing about that looking e-mail list right is the messenger app is an 80-90% open rate. Message my broadcast my message list. I’m going to get a huge open rate versus an emailing blasting my list.

Wow. This is just the beginning it’s only been around not 11 months or so yet. It’s a whole new world the about ready to explode. It is. It is and it’s geared towards businesses. It really is geared towards businesses because Facebook wants to pretty much take over the business page. They want to take over the Yellow Pages right. They want to be the pages for the world so they don’t know how to do that.

So that’s how they opened it up and now all these things are kind of coming about with entrepreneurs and they’re all figuring it out. I mean a chance really expands $20 a month. All it does is basically talk to Facebook and as a third party or you know interaction that they’ve got the blessing from Facebook.

So basically, what the Many chat does is it take everyone that interacts with you it just takes their information, stores it with you it just takes her information stored it for you. It’s pretty good. So, think of it like a Manychat, board member or eye contact where you log in and you say I want to send a broadcast tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. and I want to have a little image.

You don’t make the thing about Chat Bots you know broadcasting for Chat Bots as you make it short like a taxi you’ll see like an image in like a little thing like “Awesome offer new year’s offer click here or call us now for your offer” like Texas small. Yeah. Right. But then you press a button and the system sends it to everyone on your broadcast list. So, 90% open rate of your offer.

Wow, that’s pretty awesome.  It is awesome, right? I’m just thinking about what awesome possibilities. So, so what I do. I work with companies to do that. I mean I set their Chat Bots and it starts around a thousand dollars to do a full set up. And the reason why it takes that much money is that yes you can do it yourself there are many chat bot but I do an entire process and a marketing process of how are you using text now and how can we integrate that with your current system. Consulting involved. So, it starts with thousand usually about a two or $2,500. But I mean how many clients do you need to make up one, you know $2,400. Right. One or two in the construction business.

Sure. Especially if what you are selling off its roofs. It’s one deal if it fits windows and doors are its kitchens and yeah, it’s one deal. Take care of it in an armpit.

So, I hope that helps and I love for people to get a hold of me at and that is my own private page. So, I am the one answering questions of you really seriously have a question you can just literally message me and it’s me because I’m the one logged in. Or you can go to call with, and that is my schedule on the phone with me and have a conversation and let me know how I see you I can help you know to consult with you and your marketing. I do marketing advice right, so I work with service providers as well as authors and speakers specifically and how do they increase their ROI their current marketing. I do a lot of local businesses so lawyers, Service providers, Weight loss.

That’s cool. That’s awesome. Yeah. And if they if they get in touch with you and then they’ll get a whole preview of what they can possibly expect to get you know on the short side. Yes absolutely. And are actually looking at. Call and interacts with them. So that’s pretty cool. This has really been cool.

Thank you. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it. This is just killer information like the last time I know how to do the Chat Bots that’s the last time was. Know who your customer is so you can sell them. Yeah. Forgot about that other piece about that know who your customers.

Just circling back. Yeah. Though women like to text more than men. Like I said that earlier. That is why if your target market is women, this is just brilliant. I mean it really is brilliant. Really. I know that the technicians usually are men were generalizing of course but women are usually the ones writing the check.

Right. I agree. Just like my daughter, she has six kids don’t even think about calling her. Oh my. Oh my God yeah. Text her, and if one of the other kids see this they’ll pick up the phone and text back. But she barely really answers the phone. Well, I can only imagine. Right. So yes, I’m surprised she can even text but a good example. A lot of what I mean. Yeah. You’d be surprise texting I’ll do stop in there. They’re doing all kinds of things and they’ll text. But getting a phone call out of them is like forget about it.

You’d be surprised how just doing this one thing can really just increase your conversion. Because remember your target market is. And if you’re over there going I’m old school. What the hell are you talking about Heather? I’m like “What? look you’re not your market. You’re not the one writing the check.

Yeah. They’d get up to speed or die, it’s about it. Let the millennial business owner take your spot in the market. Exactly. My father last, I checked I haven’t even tried it in a couple of years. He hadn’t a flip phone. You know like he doesn’t even get texts but he’s an early adopter too which always makes me like what happened to you.

I think he got retirees, forget it I’m not an early adopter anymore. But I did my first text message in 1988. 1988. And it was. I was working for a telecom company and we, of course, have the cell phone and that Nokia; the Nokia dealer was there at the offices way back. You remember that. And they were explaining to us the text message and were all in the conference room about 10 of us. And I never forget it. And I said to my friend Brad, “Brad I’m going to text you ok. Hold on a sec” I put HI. You know you heard his little phone go ding ding.

He’s like WOW, I got it. He’s like OK I’ll text you back. Hi. Oh my God, Oh, my god. We are in the same conference room. It was like, Woah, that’s so, really, how did you get to. So, things had changed a lot.

Oh yeah. We still want to talk to humans. We still want to have a relationship with the people that we’re giving money to. So, believe it or not, text us. Text us here.

No, it’s not something that’s going to get progressively more interesting let’s put it that way to interact and engage with our customers. So, thanks for having me I really appreciate this. I really appreciate you being with us this morning. It has been an awesome day.

This has really been some awesome content. Heather has just given us some tremendous information on how you can jump ahead of the game. Jump ahead of your competition and be that guy or gal that’s in control of what’s going on within your business triple your conversion rates. Figure out how to use chatbots is just another tool in your toolbox. That’s all it is. So, until the next time, we meet be profitable, have fun enjoy your business. .

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