UAMCC Mini Interviews at Charleston episode 86

September 17, 2015


This was a great weekend to go spend some time in Charleston with my wife. We got to take in “Old Town” and some really fine dining.

While at the UAMCC National Convention, I got to interview some people at random to get their view on what was going on their businesses, why they came to the national convention and what they received as benefits.

Each interview is unique, but there seemed to be a common answer for joining the UAMCC.

The UAMCC is a great organization helping professional pressure washers become better equipped to operate in the market place. There was some great teaching! I came home with about 10 pages of notes that were actionable.

I taught 2 classes, recorded them and the audio is available at at the free stuff tab.

About The UAMCC

United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners is a nationwide network of contract cleaning contractors that embraces the power washing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and mobile cleaning industry.

More than just a contract cleaning association providing contractors with the tools necessary for growth, the UAMCC can assist homeowners and property managers connect with insured, qualified contract cleaning companies. No more guesswork and no more worrying if your contractor runs a legitimate business. Go to to learn how you can be the best in your industry. Check out the UAMCC here!

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