Tuning Up Small Businesses for Higher Performance with Vaughn Sigmon | Episode 146

November 3, 2016

The Business Mechanic Tuning Up Small Businesses for Higher Performance with Vaughn Sigmon

Many small business owners know that something is wrong with their business, but they don’t know what!

Vaughn Sigmon is the coach that gets to the root of the problem and then creates a solution so that the business runs better and more profitably too.

As Regional Vice President at the largest used auto store chain in the US, he realized that the way sales people were being trained for highly effective customer engagements was very inadequate.

Vaughn went to work and developed a sales process and training program that became a true game changer.  Within 18 months of creating and implementing his new program at CarMax, closing rates zoomed up more than 50%. And, even more impressively, Vaughn’s training system was adopted company-wide boosting company revenues to over $13 billion in sales!

The People and Your Pit Crew Are the Answer

At Kohl’s, as a District Manager in charge of opening Nashville-area stores, Vaughn again recognized that investing in people and processes were the octane for success. His mentoring and coaching led to the most effective store openings in the company’s history.

He expects to help his clients have turbo charges results.

Your employees are so important to making your company a higher performance company.

Vaughn suggests  if you take care of your employees properly, they will ultimately take care of your customers. So let’s just put it this way… happy employees makes a happy customer which create  a healthy profitable business.

A key to a tuning up your business into a high-performance machine is working on your business and not working in your business. As we all know this is not the easiest thing to accomplish.

Some of the things that make it easier is to actually make an appointment with yourself. Put it on the calendar and work at your calendar like it’s an important event and do not cancel that event because that appointment is worth more to you than any $10, $15 or $20 an hour job you may feel that you have to pick up the slack on.

Make yourself be diligent about working on your business. It may start off with just two or three hours a week and then multiplying that or adding to it, but you’ll find it you’ll really see things in a different light.

Actually sit down and take a look at what your hourly worth is to the company and now double that or triple that.

When you stray from working on your business to do hourly work, you are actually giving up future profits.

Next, how about what makes you special and different, what sets you apart from your competition? What draws those customers to you and get s them to refer you? What is it that do you do that makes you memorable so that they continue to do business and don’t forget who you are?

We all have competitors so we need to think about ways to stand out!

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