Trades United Reclaiming the Future with Chris Hinkle 231

November 28, 2017


In 2017, Chris Hinkle was hired to restructure a local plumbing company. Once inside the company he was mortified at the tremendous disadvantage small TRADES EMPLOYERS face in the daily operation of their businesses. He instantly formed T.U.R.F. to give a layer of protection for ALL TRADESMEN. That led to the development of the T.U.R.F. CONCEPT that is revolutionizing our American Wealth System and will ultimately TRADESMEN on top.

T.U.R.F. allows TRADESMEN to CONTROL industry COSTS.

Chris Hinkle is passionate about the construction trades industry because he believes the construction industry is really the backbone of the US economy and the construction trades are really treated poorly from the Government labor laws to the insurance providers to the manufacturers and suppliers of goods to the construction trades.

Economy magazine says in in twenty sixteen real estate construction contributed one point two trillion dollars to the nation’s economic output which is total six percent of the U.S. gross domestic product.

And he would argue that it’s much higher than six percent because at the top of that there are seventy percent is consumer spending but where the consumers get that money to spend are appreciating values of real estate

but take out loans of credit they refinance their homes they sell whatever they’re going to do but they have that infusion of class of cash that stimulates our economy. To begin with.

So, you take this this group of people all this industry that make up this industry and you look at the overall impact on the economy is caused by the construction industry in one form or fashion.

In fact, you can make a further argument that this country was founded upon skilled labor people coming to the New World in order to learn and hone their craft and make a living, and nobody appreciates them.

It’s the trades that made America great and built everything from the ground up and we area as a country loosing because no one is training for the trades to keep America great.

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Join the quest to make the construction great and profitable on a level playing field.

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