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January 5, 2018

5 Things You Should Never Say, Always Say If You Want to Make More Money. Clint Arthur takes us through key components to make more money. Make more money have more fun. Conquer your fear of public speaking become a confident and charismatic person you’ve always wanted to be.

I just want to introduce you to a. Highly motivated guy Clint Arthur. He’s gonna be our guest today. And Clint is the bestselling author of Speaking game seven finger secrets revealed says that there are five things you should always say if you want to make more money and Five Things You Should Never Say If you want to make more money and I’m looking at the cover of his book which is pretty cool seven figure speaker secrets revealed. Make more money have more fun. Conquer your fear of public speaking become a confident and charismatic person you’ve always wanted to be..

Clint. I’m just so excited you could be here because I know this is going to be a lot of fun. Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be with you I really appreciate your taking the time to record this and I’m excited to help everybody in your audience to have more fun make more money and gain more confidence and charisma.

Every time they open their mouth to say whatever to anybody to their kids to their spouse to their boss to a boardroom full of people to a hundred people at the PTA meeting or to a thousand people at some kind of conference if you ever open your mouth and speak this next 30 minutes is going to change the way you speak and the impact that you have on the world and influence you can make on the world and on your pocketbook and bank accounts forever.

That’s awesome because we’re really all in speaking game no matter what we do aren’t we. Every time you open your mouth you are trying to influence somebody if you want to go to a certain movie or to a particular restaurant or if you want your kids to clean their room or if you want to get your boss to give you a raise or to implement something or if you’re trying to negotiate with a customer or with a contractor this is going to apply to you.

Every time you talk and the things that we’re going to talk about here are going to be things that you can do every single time you speak to anybody so that you can have more influence and impact and income that’s so cool.

Yeah because we all need to work better on being better is so that we can be better at everything. I know that’s not the right thing. Exactly. Sure, what the heck. No no, no, we need to be better. That’s exactly right. And you know Donald Trump is whatever you may think about him politically. Let’s cast that aside let’s just think about how successful that guy was as a speaker. He gets paid a million dollars to go show up and talk for an hour. That’s not a bad paycheck even for Donald Trump. That’s not a bad paycheck. And that’s all because he’s a good speaker. And what are some of the funny things that he says you know I do this bigly you know so you’re right. We all need to be better at this.

That’s right. And it’s not your words. It’s not it’s not necessarily the words that you say. It’s really how you say things that is the biggest impact. However today we’re going to talk about five things you should never say if you want to make more money and then we’re going to talk about five things you should always say if you want to make more money and words have an important part of this whole thing but when you get into the speaking game book and you start learning the methodology of the speaking game you start playing the speaking game every day.

When you talk you’ll see it’s much less about what you say and it’s much more about how you say it. But for today’s purposes because this is a sales oriented moneymaking oriented podcast, let’s talk about the Five Things You Should Never Say if you want to make more money and the first thing you should never say if you want to make more money is, let me think about it. See, I recently learned from one of my friends who is a founding member of the National Speakers Association that I make more money than 99 percent of the speakers in the National Speakers Association. And I’ve only been doing this for about five years now as a as a professional speaker and my ascent has been meteoric you know in GKIC world. I set the all-time record for a speaker selling from the stage at GKIC.

No one’s ever sold as much as me and I really do believe that I know what you should do, what you shouldn’t do when it comes to speaking and making money and the first thing you should never do is say let me think about it because decisive people make more money and people who make more money are very decisive.

You go to a restaurant with a person who makes a lot of money. They take a quick look at the menu and they know what they want and they say I’ll have the steak, I’ll have, fish tacos, I’ll have the shrimp whatever they want to have. They just look at it they decide and then they say it. And when you’re talking to somebody we all know what it means if somebody says if you say let me think about it.

What that really means is no but I just don’t have the guts to tell you no to your face. I don’t want to have that kind of confrontation with you to tell you no. So really what you do is you’re opening up a loop. You’re making the contractor or the salesperson call you back and find out. Well do you want to do it or not. Then at that time you’ll say no or maybe you’ll be such a chicken that you just keep blowing them off and never respond and get to squeeze everybody’s time. The way to make money is to waste less time and to be direct and decisive and say yes or no and decide.

So that’s the first thing you should never say to make more money is let me think about it.

The second thing you should never say if you want to make more money is you should think about it. Don’t tell customers or prospects to think about it. Encourage them to take action and be decisive. You and I know you know as a contractor as a salesperson. It’s a numbers game. You got to go through x number of proposed rules in order to get X amount of Yeses.

And on the other side of that, you’ve got to go through x No’s. However, many no’s it’s now. So if you’re selling 2 percent you need to get a no for every yes. So, you have to get a no because that means you’re one step closer to getting a yes. So, don’t encourage customers or prospects to think about anything encourage them to make a decision and say hey you got all the facts here’s the price here’s what we’re going to do. Would you like to move forward? Yes or no. And then when they say they wanted to say let me think about it. What do you need to think about? Here’s. All right here. Is it a yes or no. I’m happy either way I’m going is happy with. No, as I am with a yes. You’re not hurting my feeling right.

It’s I think about it that drives me nuts because it’s more time sucking out of my schedule. That’s right. And we all know think about it means it means no. But it just means you got a follow-up and make another call and or two or three or four or whatever.

The third thing you should never say if you want to make more money is I woulda coulda shoulda. Now in life you’re going to win some you got to lose some you’re going to break even on some don’t have regrets just learn lesson. Some lessons come cheap some lessons come expensive. I’ve had $50,000 lessons where it just came right out of my pocket 50 grand. Those were expensive lessons but I learned the lesson and I don’t regret what I did. I have learned the lesson I paid the price and a lot of times some of the most expensive lessons are the best lessons. So, I don’t regret them. Just learn your lessons and move on.

They call them the seminar. It’s an expensive seminar I went to. Yeah, I get it then a lot of travel I had to travel to China my most expensive seminar, geez.

All right then the fourth thing you should never say if you want to make more money is: Let me give you a discount. That drives me nuts. Don’t offer people discounts. First of all, you’re not doing anybody any favors giving them a discount when you give somebody a discount. They feel like they’re getting less value. The only way to give a client a great experience is to charge him a lot of money and make them pay full price. If you don’t charge them full price if they get the discount. Now they’re looking for flaws in the product. Now they’re feeling like they didn’t get as good of craftsmanship or workmanship or it didn’t happen as fast or the alternative is you may feel like you’re entitled to delay the job or not deliver it as quickly as possible or as well as you should have.

Because well after all I gave the guy a discount. And that’s a really bad recipe for success. It’s not going to bring you the best success the highest paid people don’t give discounts. Do you think Tony Robbins is getting any giving any discounts? You think Dan Kennedy is giving any discounts. Never. Never. They pay they charge full price and they give full value and that’s the way to do it.

And then the fifth thing you should never say if you want to make more money is the other side and that is. Can you give me a discount? Yes. Now a lot of people ask for discounts and that’s a really negative way to approach things you’re going to make a lot more money focusing on making money than you will if you try to save money especially on little things like you go into a shop or you. You’re dealing with a vendor and you say hey man can you give me a discount on this and you’re really much better off being the vendor’s favorite customer being the customer who pays full price money on the spot.

Yeah, all the time. And then you’ll get the special treatment and the special favors that you need when you’re in a crunch and that’s when it really is more important that you get the service and the quality that you need is when you really need their help. You can only get that by being the best customer. That’s why I always pay full price and I pay. Boom. Johnny on the spot. When I when I owe people money or when I hire a vendor or a contractor I always pay promptly because I want them to feel like I’m their best customer because I get the best treatment that way.

So those are the five things you should never say. Think about it. Let me think about it. I wish I would have could have should or let me give you a discount or can you give me a discount. Yeah, those are two words I hate discount. Give me a discount. Can I have it now? That’s not even in my vocabulary. I just drive me crazy.

You really have to educate customers to understand that discounts are not in anybody’s best interests. Really. Even in the customers worsening trust to give them a discount, I have a guy that I was talking to not too long ago. He is a roofing infighting and window guy on Rhode Island and I was just talking about marketing, one of my favorite subjects. We are talking about how he’s grown his business from one and a half million to 15, five million in the last couple of years.

And I said well what’s your best marketing piece. He said You’re not going to believe this. If I tell you I believe anything he goes I have a door hanger. When my crews are out I’ll go to a few houses run and they’ll put it on and open anything. It’s basically a coupon for a 0 percent discount. Wow.

And he said and then I go to explain to him why we don’t give discounts because in order for us to give you a discount we are going to have to raise the price. And that’s not valuable to you. Wow, that’s very interesting technique. Yeah. I love doing podcasts because you learn so much from listening to this stuff.

And let’s get into the five things you should always say. You want to make more money and this is some really fun ones.

The first thing you should always say if you want to make more money is your full name.

Now when I call people I always say hey this is Clint Arthur. Saying your full name is a very subtle power grab and a very subtle power statement. You’re saying my full name is important. I am somebody and I’m not just Clints I’m not just Joe I’m not just Jack or JR I am Clint Arthur the one and only Clint Arthur.

And all celebrities do this. And you have to look at what celebrities do because they’re playing the toughest most competitive game of all which is the celebrity game and what they’re trying to do is to position themselves as somebody important. And ultimately you know that whole saying people need to know, like, and trust you before they’re going to do business with you.

I don’t agree. I think that’s wrong. They need to admire you like you and trust you they need to think that you are better than them in many ways. Certainly, they need to admire your ability to deliver a contracting job on time. And for better houses than theirs they’re not going to anybody in a mansion is going to hire a tract home contractor to come in and do work.

He’s only going to hire a guy who’s done work on the best mansions to come and work on his OK mansion and they’re always going to look for somebody who is the most admirable, the high-status person they can get in the category that they’re looking to hire.

And by saying your full name it positions you as somebody who is that important. You can even do this with restaurant reservations you call them and say hey this is Joe can I get a reservation for two at eight o’clock. Or you could call up and say hey this is Joe Smith I’d like to come in with my wife for dinner at eight o’clock. And what the reservation is just thinking at that point is who the heck is Joe Smith.

He must be somebody and you know it’s kind of funny just listening to you says that you know this is Joe and then this is Joe Smith. There’s a different influx in your town when you say your first and last thing name. Interesting.

Yeah, I was talking about this with one of my financial advisor clients and he told me that he started implementing this technique and the very first call that he answered that way he said. Jeremy Montrenga, when he answered his phone. That’s what he said. Jeremy Montrenga and that set the tone for the whole entire customer intake and it resulted in the biggest client ever brought on board because the tone was a certain direction and power right from the beginning and that’s what you can get when you use that kind of full name technique.

The second thing you should always say if you want to make more money. Give me the money. Now that may mean there are different ways to say that essentially. Essentially that’s what you’re saying is give me the money. Now, this is the very first thing they taught me when I was a student at the Wharton Business School is get the money. That’s what they teach you at business school. How do you get the money? How do you get it as fast as possible? The number really this is one of the most important things you can do is ask the customer to give you the money if you don’t ask for the order you have a lot less chance of ever getting the order.

There are very few customers who are going to say hey I want to buy this thing. Let me give you the money. There’s very few who are going to do that. Your job as a salesperson is to ask for the order which is asking for the money. So, don’t ever be chicken about that. Always be happy to allow the customer or the prospect this opportunity to make a decision to give you the money. It’s very important.

Yes. When the customer has asked you to be there, has asked you for a proposal it is not the time to be shy and not ask for the order. I agree. And too many people too many salespeople never do ask for the order.

Now the third thing you should always say if you want to make more money and this is really important is I’m the only one in the world who does this. Now, this is a marketing stance or positioning statement that’s so important you don’t want to be one of 10 window contractors who install certain windows. You want to be the exclusive licensed distributor of Fleetwood windows.

You want to be the exclusive distributor of Fleetwood windows in this region. And if somebody wants to get Fleetwood windows they have to come to you. Otherwise, they don’t get Fleetwood windows and I know I’m building my dream house right now in the Hollywood Hills. I haven’t a whole house full of Fleetwood windows.

That’s what they’re going to be. You know why. Because when I go to sell that house 10 15 years down the road those fleet windows are going to add value. I’m going to be able I’m going to be able to say hey my house. Every single window in this house is top of the line Fleetwood that’s money and I’m and I’m going to do that and I’m going to pay up for the exclusive Fleetwood guy to come in and install them and buy them for me and bring them to me and install them perfectly because I know that and I try to do the same thing in my work too.

So, for example, I invented the speaking game and I’m on  if you want to play the speaking game, I’m the only one selling the speaking game there is nobody else talking about how do you play this game. How do you make money when you speak like this? There is nobody else doing this so if you want to learn speaking game you’ve got to go to and you have to buy the speaking game book and you have to opt in and give me your email address to get the free bonus videos because there’s no other way to get it. Alternatively.

Auto repair shop owner named Dave Steagall and he came to my local TV publicity training program. Oh, you know I got. You know. Shawn King from risk free guaranteed. Yeah that’s who I was talking about Shaun King. He’s a client of mine. Is your song King. Yes, song King came through celebrity launch pad. He’s done 30 television appearances. No, it was because he was at the seminar I was at.

In Rhode Island and it was kind of funny because we were talking about that and he was positioning himself to open up different places throughout the United States. And he’s already going to be the number one guy because he’s already got credibility from TV station.

Yeah, he was on Fox Los Angeles. He booked so many of those shows that my celebrity launchpad. Then he went books a whole bunch more off cold calls the way I taught him how to do it. And if you want to do that I’m the only guy in the whole world who teaches how to book yourself on local TV news and talk shows.

So, if that’s of interest to you then you can get that from me and that’s a powerful position and you as a contractor you need to figure out a powerful unique position for yourself so that you can take advantage of this third thing. You should always say if you want to make more money. Like we’ve been talking about and then the fourth thing is I don’t discount but I can give you this bonus.

When people ask you for a discount. It’s you can’t just shut them down cold the smart way I believe to shut down the request for the discount is hey I can’t give you a discount but I will throw in this bonus for you because I really like you. So for example you know what can we do. Well I could install I’m thinking of a good a good thing for a contractor. I know. When we’re doing the alarm system I could install a bonus with regard to like a camera that you could have. I’m not going to discount the price but I’ll throw this in extra for you just to make you feel better.

  1. In a mechanic situation if they say Hey can I get a discount on this brake job. Five hundred bucks for the brakes is a lot of money. No I don’t do discounts. But what I will do is I will detail your car for you. While it’s in the shops and when you pick it up it’ll be all nice to clean because I like you. That’s the way to handle the discount request and that’s the fourth thing you should always say if you want to make more money.

And the last thing is the fifth thing you should always say if you want to make more money is I’m very grateful for this that or the other thing. Look we live in the United States of America. We many contractors are fortunate enough to be entrepreneurs. Owning your own business and we should be grateful every freaking day man.

I mean the opportunity that we have the lifestyle that we lead we made the best lives on the whole planet. And I’m grateful every day for my opportunities to make money when I talk and to have great clients like Shawn King or Dave Steagall or other people who come through my trainings and pay me a lot of money to teach them this stuff so that they can go out and make their unique impact on the world make the world a better place.

I think that you know the contracting industry delivering homes and improving homes for people is such an important and valuable service. And I’m I’m grateful for all the contractors in the world. I’ve been working with one I’m building my I’m building my dream home right now and I’m very grateful every day and I try to express gratitude as much as I can for the benefit of others and also for myself so that I can stay grounded and be grateful for what I have because gratitude man, that is a powerful ingredient of a happy life.

Oh yeah. There’s so many people that they’re who have a lot of money they’re not grateful on their kids. They’re just miserable all the time because they haven’t learned the gratitude effect. Amen. So there you have it man. Those are the five things you should never say and the five things you should always say what do you think about that.

Hey I’m with you on all of that stuff. You know like I don’t discount but I can give a bonus. That is my favorite one because I hate giving up the cash. Yes. It’s so funny. You know there’s like some kind of ego with attachment to the cash and getting paid what you’re worth or what you’re not worth.

And yeah, I think too many guys are. And you know and here’s a funny thing is I think a lot of you know people that do discount and it goes back to what they’re always looking for discounts. They figure in order for people to buy from them they have to give a discount which is just totally wrong thinking

One hundred percent man, it all comes down to are you the guy, are you the ball or are you the player that you always wanted to be. Like I say to a lot of my clients. When you drive up to the valet parking stand you’re the guy that every valet parker is hoping is going to come up to the valet parking stats. You got money you’ve got a car that runs. You’ve got a great lifestyle and you’re the guy who should be tipping them two three five dollars. You’re the guy.

And the only way you can be the guy or lady as the case may be the only way you can be the guy is to be the guy. Right. There’s nobody who is going to put that five-dollar bill in your hand for you. You got to pull the five and put it in the valet parkers hand and beat the guy. And that’s the whole thing about discounts. And asking for discounts or giving discounts if you give or ask for discounts, you’re not being the guy.

No definitely not because you’re, like you said you’re taking the value away from yourself and what you can supply that customer. Yep you know I have it happened to me once was kind of funny and it came out of left field. You know usually you know when you’re in the contracting business you can read people and you know how they’re going to talk and react.

And I had this one lady you know is that your best price and I’m gone. Now this was a 2-million-dollar house and it’s just you weren’t thinking that. And I’ve gone “Oh, where did this come from?” So, I really had to think about aside, I did that I said “This is what I can do. I said I can give you I can upgrade the paint which was really you know from and that was not that much more expensive but it actually made my job easier.” And I said why don’t we give a 10-year guarantee and the paint and you know all that stuff will up this 12 years and they were totally ecstatic about that.

Yeah. There you go. Cause I didn’t, wasn’t about the money. It was more about what kind of value can I give that. And in place of the money because I think in the long term like you know getting ready and you’re going to put those windows in you’re in your home you’re not thinking about what it’s going to cost you today. You’re thinking about what is going to return me in the future.

That’s right. And today especially today with quantitative easing QE 2 has printed up so much money. There’s lots of money out there today. It’s not about is there enough money. It’s about people getting the experience that they want. It’s about people feeling like they’re getting the value. I’m not saying you should rip off customers and overcharge them. I’m not saying that. I’m saying you should charge the right price for what you do. You should get what you’re worth, what you deserve and the price that the market will bear without ripping people off. I agree. Right.

And people are more concerned today about being treated fairly, getting great value and getting what they want. The experience that they want. Especially from a contractor who’s going to deliver on time, deliver in a pleasant way not be sending drug addicts and alcoholics to their house. Not having unfortunate experiences where damage cases are done or accidents happen and it’s just it’s just about being professional and delivering a first-class experience to people today and then it’s easy to get a lot of money people are happy to give you a lot of money for a first-class experience.

I agree wholeheartedly. Oh, cool man. Hey this has been a lot of fun. Any anything. I know we went through those five and five. Is there anything last minute that you to just share with our listeners on the back of your mind? Hey we covered a lot of stuff. If you are interested in the speaking game, go to and get those free videos.

And the book, oh my gosh so proud of this book. It’s hardcover book. It’s my first hardcover book. And I’m really excited about it if you do buy the hardcover, e-mail me your receipt and I’ll immediately send you the Kindle book and some bonuses and if you want to find out more about my TV training like Shawn King had, or other ways that I help my clients to immediately position themselves for six figures and seven figure contracts like without changing who you are, I can change the way people perceive view.

And if you’re interested in that go check out  and you’ll see some of the ways that we do that and I’m happy to hop on the phone and enroll people into a much better and brighter financial future by repositioning yourself as a high money earner. Awesome.

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