The Silver Bullet to Business Success consistency in marketing #22

June 19, 2014

The infamous silver bullet everyone is looking for to be successful.

Is there really a sliver bullet a shortcut to a successful business?

We‘ve searched long and hard to actually find out that there is a silver bullet, it’s the silver bullet that you create and its hard work. But once you have everything  in place then and only then it becomes easy.

It’s sort of like the story of pushing a car from a dead stop to get it rolling along, at first it’s hard to get it going but once you’ve got it rolling you can with ease push it along with one hand. Your business is like that.

It starts with consistency in your marketing and your follow up processes and then tracking it.

Once you’ve taken the time to get the systems put together then the consistency of your marketing and follow up is like pushing the car with one hand.


So create those marketing campaigns and track them to find out what works. The key to success in marketing is to fail fast .If it doesn’t work find out why and modify it or dump it, Don’t get caught up with throwing away good money on another campaign because you have postcards left.

Chances are if you don’t get any results it’s not worth doing.


Never stop marketing it’s just like that car once you stop it’s a real effort to get it started again.

The nice part about having leads coming in all the time even when you are busy now you can be picky about what you want to take on.

It’s not that way when only a few leads come in.


Be consistent about the follow up and keeping in contact with your existing customer base .NEVER EVER  be put in a position of letting your customer forget about you.

NEVER EVER give your competition the opportunity to steal your customer.


To be consistent you’re going to have to build a system to make it work

A couple of my favorite tools is Google calender to remind me that I have scheduled much of my follow up material to go out or when its time to send out my newsletters,


Be consistent in your marketing, follow-up and tracking and you will build your silver bullet. On the road ot success.

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