The Real Reasons People Don’t Buy From You Episode 97

December 3, 2015

The Real Reasons People Don’t Buy From You

Have you ever thought about why people don’t buy from you? We are going to explore why and hopefully you will get some thought on how you might improve your sales process.

Some of the reasons are obvious and some are not.

When I was putting this podcast together from past questions from some of my customers I started thinking about how I act as a customer. I also asked my wife what her response was to the real reason she thinks people don’t buy based on what her experiences are.

As we discussed the reasons, we found that we came up with pretty much the same criteria, but from 2 different viewpoints.

Mine from a logical stance and hers from a more emotional point of view.

1. The obvious is presentation. How does the person present themselves, did they arrive in a newer vehicle or a junker. Were they dressed as a business person or did they appear as they just spent 12 hours working in the sun. Bad presentation was a deal killer for both of us.

2. Communications after the initial proposal, did they leave and never follow up. Another deal killer.

3. Not having a proper proposal. Verbal doesn’t cut it, napkins don’t cut it, estimates on a business card don’t cut it. Not being a professional doesn’t cut it.

4. Not listening to my needs my wants and desires. When your more interested in what you have to sell than what the customer wants to buy, it’s a deal breaker.

5. Disappearing after you present the proposal. Never following up, never answering you phone or returning phone calls.

6. Someone who wastes my time shows up late without having the courtesy to call and let me know. Deal killer.

7. A contractor who appears needy. They appear to try to sell you at any cost, even cutting into their own profit. A customer can tell if you are needy and only the ones who are willing to take advantage of you will do business with you. All others want a professional to do business with.

These are just some of the big reasons people don’t buy from you.

And I hope you notice that not once in the real reasons people don’t buy from you did I mention, “your price is too high.”

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