The question was what is the most profitable marketing strategy? My answer was! Episode #30

August 14, 2014

The question was  what is the most profitable marketing Strategy? My response was ! #30

The question was what is the most profitable marketing strategy? My answer was you have to change your mindset.  

That was the question presented to me at a recent UAMCC conference.

I am a big fan of marketing and he may different ways to market. And if you have followed this podcast you would know the many way that work on a regular basis for me and my company and the many we have helped. Other than relationship marketing direct response is my favorite mainly  for the reason it sets you up as the expert In your field, It becomes the most consistent sales person being that the message is always the same never gets bored with saying the same message over and over and never gets intimidated by the person it ends up in front of.   These forms of marketing will get you to the result you want.

But is not the most profitable marketing strategy. The most profitable strategy is mindset.

What you say mindset!  You have to believe that you deserve to be profitable. Believe that your products and services are going to benefit your customer. That when your customer does business with you ,they precieve the were given more than they paid for.

Whatever transaction that transpired benefited both. This is where the mindset comes in because if you don’t feel good about the way you do business, only think of your customer as a profit center without then receiving a benefit then you will never be able to have the right mindset to put together a great marketing campaign that will give you a great return. Or build your business that you can run by I self or sell in the future.    

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