The One On 7 Steps for Creating Your Own Sales Letter – Episode 105

January 28, 2016

It has been said that advertising is the oxygen that keeps your business alive. It’s one of those crafts that every business owner has done, and more than not, has done it successfully.

Marketing is all about numbers. It’s a science. I want to know that for every X dollars invested I’m generating four, ten, twenty times back in return. This means it must be trackable, and also has to generate an action from your potential customer.

Direct response marketing is RESULTS oriented; you know how much you made from each client who responded to your marketing.

And response means money in the bank.

Here are 7 steps to help you create your own successful sales letter.

Have I selected a target market?

There is nothing worse than having a great marketing piece and sending it to the wrong audience. Like being a carpet cleaner and sending marketing to an area that is predominantly a rental area.

Do I have a compelling offer with a guarantee?

What bait will they bite on to respond and when you have a guarantee it removes the risk of the doing business with you.

Does my headline tell the complete story?

Hint… your logo and telephone number are not a headline, the customer wants to know what you have to offer them.

Does it look like news and use social proof?

Advertorials are some of the best ways to get your story out to draw in the customer. It pulls them into reading because it looks like information, lowering their guard. An ad looks like you are trying to sell something, so they have their defenses up. Social proof is you using testimonials as your sales people.

Am I using conversational language and do I tell a story?

When writing a sales letter, you want to use a conversation tone and talk in everyday English. We have a tendency to use our trade language that is not understandable to the customer.

Is it clear what I’m asking the reader to do?

Is there a call to action? It can be as simple as call now to receive your information.

Do I have a direct response mechanism?

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