The One About the Law of Forward Motion in your Contracting Business | Episode 84

September 3, 2015

The One About the Law of Forward Motion in your Contracting Business episode 84

This week I want to talk about another law, one just like The Law of Gravity that is just as real, just as powerful.

This other law can get your attention just like gravity and in some cases causes pain also.

No one ever doesn’t think gravity isn’t real because we all have been effected by it in one way or another. We have dropped something or tripped over something and the result is always the same… we fall, get hurt or something breaks because of it, The Law of Gravity.

So The Law of Forward Motion has some of the same characteristics. It’s one of those things you probably don’t pay much attention to, but it’s real none the less.

Let me explain how it popped up and made me look at it the other day.

One of the guys in our mastermind sent me a message the other day telling me he was getting ready to send out sequence number 2 of his mailing and that he has not gotten a response yet form that particular mailing. Then he proceeds to let me know how someone called to have him to come out to give them a quote on cleaning their roof, a call just out of thin air. It was a really nice big job to look at.

That’s when it hit me about The Law of Forward Motion. I had known about it for years, but this just happened to bring it back to my memory.

This is what actually happens in The Law of Forward Motion. You are moving in forward motion with your business and doing many things to promote your business hoping that you are doing the right campaigns and you are tracking your marketing and all of a sudden business comes out of the woodwork from places you never would think of.

It is because you are moving forward that you are sort of creating a vacuum and pulling business along with you. It’s because of what you are doing to promote your business in one area that you are getting business in another area. That’s the best way I can explain it.

I don’t know if The Law of Forward Motion will ever pass you, but I do know that when you stop so does the vacuum and the forward motion. This is where the pain starts.

So never ever, ever stop the forward motion in your business and you will not self-inflict any pain on yourself.

It’s true and it’s real and can have a really positive effect or negative affect on your business and your life.

Let’s look at an old handle water pump for instance. You may have never seen one in real life, but surely you have seen one in an old western. You know the kind that you pump and pump to prime and then after a while you have a steady stream of water coming out.

This is what it’s like to keep the forward motion going in your business. Again never, never stop the forward motion in your contracting business.

– – –

taking-your-business-to-a-new-level-using-send-out-cards-episode-75-contracotr-marketing-232x300The One About the Law of Forward Motion in your Contracting Business | Episode 84

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