The One About the Customer Experience, Great, Good, Bad, Indifferent How Your Customer Sees You. Episode 77

July 16, 2015

This week quote…“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

Great, Good and Bad Customer Experience!

The customer experience has been so on my mind for the past few days and this week I really want to take a look at the customer experience. It has been creeping around me for the last few weeks and I think it is super important to talk about.

Here’s part of what’s going on. I’m looking to remodel my bathrooms (actually wife is looking to remodel our bathrooms, but you know how that goes). I go to the Granite store suggested to me by a contractor, yes I hire a contractor! I don’t work on my own house…why? because I love my wife and want to stay married happily married. If it was up to me there would only be a start date, no finish date.

Anyways, we get to the granite store, pick out the granite and I forget to take a picture of the granite. So my wife calls the the store but nobody answers. Darn it, we just left the store and no answer..instead it goes to voice mail. We leave a message explaining our dilemma and ask if they would please send or text a picture of the granite we just picked out so that I can go pick out tile to match. We are now on a mission to get everything picked out.

So for a week (seven whole days) we wait for someone call us back from the granite store. You know how you get busy and you are going to make phone calls? Long story, but we never did get chance call them back, so 7 days later I drive my Dad to the airport and my wife calls. She says she really want to pick out more of the materials, so go look at that granite and take a picture. Can you run by there for me and do it today?

So I run out of my way to the granite store, thinking less and less of why I want to do business with them since I have to go get a picture of what we picked out. Now it is not there, it was sold out, but they said they can order us a new piece.

Well that was fine and I was thinking I was close to getting either a piece of granite or a picture to show my wife as I headed over to the gal at the counter. She took my email address, checked my phone number and never called me again.

How much money do think that employee loses that business each year?

So I went back to the yard on Sunday, picked another piece of tile, copied the UPC code and sent it to my contractor and told him to use another granite company.

I’ll bet you can tell by this rant I am so fed up with them because their customer service is really, really bad. That one employee lost a granite customer. Anyone who knows how much granite cost, it’s nice little chunk of change… so that was my first customer experience.

So it’s Saturday, I’m talking with my mastermind and I’m running late and they go, “hey we’re talking about customer experiences” and I say the good or the bad, and let me tell you little bit about that one but first one thing about masterminds.

I am starting a mastermind starting July 23 it’s a Thursday and we have two openings left that are available if it’s something you may be interested in… getting to mastermind and have other people help you with your business. Email me at and I will send you some information!

I arrive at the mastermind a little late, so they tell me were talking about customer experience and I’m saying, “a good one or bad one”, of course you know because of what I had just gone through. So I’m in a mastermind with Pete Mitchell (he’s been on the podcast before). He says good customer experiences! I have a new client who, when I call her office I am impressed by the way that I am treated as just a person calling in. It’s just a very neat experience.

His new customer is a real estate agent who has sold over 200 properties this year and she has another business that trains real estate assistants so she’s got it down pat. How to answer the phone, how to talk to people, how to make them feel so you’re going from bad customer experience to good customer experience and how to really make that happen.

Here is the real question? What is your company known for? Good customer experience, great customer experience or bad customer experience?

If it’s the latter bad customer experience then you are behind the eight ball. If it is bad I’m going to tell you what you’re not getting. You’re not getting a whole lot of business, you’re not getting referrals, you’re not getting good reviews, you’re not getting lifetime value out of good people.

To have a great customer experience is something that you actually have to work at. It’s the way you answer the phone to make them feel welcome and think you really want to talk and you really want to do business with them. It might be you have to make out a script to follow so when the phone is answered the person on your team whose job it is knows what to say.

One of my wife’s pet peeves is customer service and the overall customer experience. If she’s out doing business, she’s a sweet person, but if she’s not treated right sometimes I’m just I have to turn around walk away I feel so bad for the person or waiter waiting on us. She owns a service business with my daughter and their whole business is the customer experience. Their tagline is “world-class service can be yours” so they live up to that, and that’s why their business grows. This year’s it’s growing at a rate of 61%! Wouldn’t we all like to have that growth? She demands that people who she is going to spend money with treat her like they really want to do business with her.

You know how you like to be treated as a customer, you go back to the businesses who treat you like you’re important, like they want to take your money, so that’s how you need have your customers feel about working with you. Like they are the most important person you are talking to right now. Because they are the most important person at that time.

If it’s not that way in your organization there are only 2 reasons why your customers have a poor experience. One is the trickle-down effect or two, no one is being trained and held to a standard. Only you can do that and if they can’t do that you might think about replacing them and putting in someone who will treat your customer the way you would like to be for you as a customer.

I don’t know if I can beat that one up anymore today, but it’s all about customer experience and the customer experience starts off with the way the phone is answered, all the way to the way to how the proposal is presented and written to how the job is done. This includes how people are treated, the way their questions are answered. Yes, you have to answer the questions all the way to the end, you say thank you, you collect the checks and when you send them a thank you card.

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I send thank you cards from the very beginning to the very end and the gifts that I use to get them thinking about me and giving more referrals.

So until next week, think on these things and go make a profit

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