The one about the 3-Step Letter Success Strategy for your contracting business! Episode 66

April 30, 2015

Quote of the week, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

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Today I want to take a short trip through the 3 Step Mailing Process and leave your with some key elements that will move your contracting business forward.

The 3 Step Letter is a great strategy for residential and commercial marketing, and later in the podcast I’ll give you a great resource that will help you get this process moving easily.

This works great especially if you’re a newbie, or on a fixed budget, targeting a particular group of businesses or neighborhoods. It even works if you are targeting specific types of professions.

The reason behind 3 Steps is so that you increase your chances of getting in front of the customer. Each time you mail, your potential customer has something worthy to open.

You are being strategic and persistent. Your prospect realizes that you’re not like everyone else who takes only one shot and hopes that the marketing piece works.

If done correctly, this mailing process will increase your return on your investment.

I like lumpy mail myself (mail that has something dimensional inside it so it is “lumpy”). It cuts the clutter of everything else and actually moves to the top of the A pile when sorting, bypassing the trash every time. It is guaranteed to get looked at and that should always be your goal with direct mail, to get noticed.

Imagine getting a pair of dice in the mail with the headline on the mailing piece, “Are you betting on the cheaper prices hoping to get the quality you want?”

What about a letter in a small garbage pail, “I’ve saved you the time I crumpled it up and threw it away for you.” I know of a marketer who got his product on QVC by using this one strategy.

Another one I know using this particular strategy with the garbage pail is a commercial real-estate agent. He had a vacant building and got a 45% response rate off this particular mailing.

You can use it to get in front of those people that have been on your “afraid to contact list” in your contracting business.

This weekend I went to a podcast event here in Tampa and one of the speakers told how he took a bright yellow volleyball, wrote a message on it, mailed it and got an interview with Seth Godin for his podcast. Oh, and he didn’t wrap it…he mailed it as is.

You can use this strategy to get in front of your existing customers, to introduce a new product line or new service. Why not? Your customers like you, trust you and already have done business with you. This one is a no brainer.

Another way to use this strategy…remember a couple of weeks ago I did a podcast about increasing your business by 40%, you could also use this to implement that particular followup system to keep those prospects in your funnel.

3-d-mailThe one about the 3-Step Letter Success Strategy for your contracting business! Episode 66Here is the info I promised you earlier… go to 3D Mail Results and meet Travis Lee.

When you get to the website, make sure to sign up for their free guide to 3D Mail Marketing Campaigns. It’s a free guide that will comes with a cd that has 33 template letters you can repurpose for your business. Plus, you can go through their website and look at all the tools they have put together to get you more business.

The nice thing about 3D Mail Results is they also have 3 Step Campaign items put together and they tell you how much they cost to mail out.

Here is what I’d like you to do if there is something you would like me to cover or to cove more in detail, shoot me over an email at

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3-step-letter-success-strategy-1024x683The one about the 3-Step Letter Success Strategy for your contracting business! Episode 66

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