The One About Setting Your Marketing Goals – Our Top 10 Marketing Tactics #49

December 25, 2014

the-one-about-setting-marketing-goals-for-2015-49-contractor-marketingThe One About Setting Your Marketing Goals - Our Top 10 Marketing Tactics #49Setting your contractor and trades marketing goals for 2015. If you can’t get your phone to ring you don’t have a business, you have an entity. Marketing is the lifeblood of your business.

Tracking Your Marketing Efforts

Everyone knows you need to do some kind of marketing or advertising but they don’t know how to track what is working. So the first guy that they meet who walks in the door who says they need to advertise they buy. Instead of doing this kind shotgun approach, you should a limited number of marketing methods and focus on them!

Simply pick 5 ways you are going to market this year that you promise to track the results from for at least 90 days. In 90 days you will know what is working. If you want to start easy and inexpensive, do a few Google accounts and have them call into

Our Top 10 Contractor Marketing Ideas

1. Networking

Justin did a bunch of networking in 2014 (Dave hates it!) Justin found that it was effective for him because such a small percentage of the other contractors were doing it. But when he looked at the hour or two that he spent having breakfast each week, his income for that time was $568/hour in revenue from the contacts that he made networking. Justin tracked where his business came from and the percentage of that that came from his sphere of influence and divided it by his total revenue.

Startup Tip

If you are just starting out you need to be networking. At the beginning all you have is time so you have to work your business around the chances that you have for lead generating. Do this until you don’t have any more time to network because you have grown your business up so much. Networking will bring in the best return on your dollars and your time.

2. Thank you cards

So simple! Justin’s are thank you postcards that have a logo, name and phone number. He writes a little note, thanks for the business or referral, stamps and sends off from the truck.

This costs pennies (Justin buys BOGO – buy one get one free postcards). With this plus the stamps, he spending maybe $30 a month.

3. Thank you – send out cards

Dave does a thank you card or brownies from Send Out Cards with a survey about the work that he has done. This works great! He gets thanks you cards back from his thank you cards. PS – They are REALLY good brownies!

4. Marketing Newsletters

Dave puts together a one page monthly newsletter that says thank you and gives his referral partners tips once a month that goes out to 75 different title companies, realtors and others that refer him business. Justin thought that sending “real” mail was crazy until he really thought about what doing stamped mail meant, at least they have to see his picture on the way to the trash can. With email, you are lucky to get a 2% click through rate!

5. Customer Newsletters

Dave also does a monthly newsletters to his customers. It’s a fun newsletter about how to clean stuff, a puzzle, recipes, thank you shout outs to who has referred him. 36% of Dave’s business came from doing the newsletter. People remember who he is and he gets some calls.

For every dollar he spends on a newsletter he got $21.40 in return. You can get a copy of his newsletter here!

6. Facebook Marketing Ads

Dave has been doing ads and getting some pretty low click through rates and under $20 to get a customer! Plus you are getting your name or face in front of people over an over again on

7. EVM

Going to do 5,000 pieces of mail a month. Check out our podcast episode where we talk to Pete Mitchell on how to mail for free.

8. Power Partners Books

Justin is getting a lot of business from inspectors, realtors, and mortgage brokers. This year he started reading every new business book and then buys them for all his power partners. Using a book like this guarantees that they will keep what you send them.

This costs maybe $10-12 a book, Justin has 25 people he sends books to. This year he sent out Tony Robbins book. It cost $30/book, but he has already gotten 3 power partners to respond and thank him!

Dave bought “Go For No” by XXX and he saw that it was on super special discount on Amazon. It was great to send because it helped Dave and changed his thinking.

9. 3 Step Mailer

Justin is up to 43 or 44 people on his structural list. It was simple three step letter from No BS Marketing by Dan Kennedy. Justin doubled his referral partners and his ultimate goal is to have 100 people on this list. Just having a 100 people will keep 2 crews working all year long.

Dave recommended going to 3d Mail to find all kinds of little things to stick in the mailers. Dave has done tons of stuff and they will send you a book of letters that go along with their “stuff”.

A three step mailer will work for any industry and it especially works with the trades and contracting.

The national average open rate for 1 mailing is 1.5% and it dramatically goes up on the second one and then to almost 20% on the third mailing. The key to this working is to make your envelope open-able!

Check out our episode with Sandi Burnside, who was a BIG 7 touch marketer!

10. Educational videos

It is always a great idea to make videos that will help your end user customer understand about your business. Educating and following up with them via video is super easy…you can make 10 really easily.

Introduce yourself
What you do

There is a plumber that answered all kinds of different plumbing questions about things like repiping. Different kinds of pipes, etc. now he is getting 4-60K views for each video! You are building know, like and trust in your videos.


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