The One About… It Just Doesn’t Happen To You, Contractor Horror Stories #43

November 13, 2014

Dave and Justin were hopping today, telling contractor horror stories about what has gone wrong in their business. There is nothing to do with marketing, but a bunch of business bloopers to let you know you are not alone!

The Peeling Condo Lady

There is a sweet lady who wanted her whole condo painted, Dave got the right paint, the new kind that goes over oil paint, pre-sanded the trim and did everything right to make sure it was a bang-up job. Then it all started peeling!

Dave was down on hands and knees stripping woodwork, doors, just trying to get this thing finished right (and of course his slowest guy had done the original job).

Then they painted the trim in her bedroom the wrong color…it will never end…

The Punchlist House

Justin doesn’t really do this kind of job…a bad start to any conversation! They needed paint, plumbing, trash removal and a few other things. Justin’s guy is taking a bit longer than he should, so Justin calls and asks “what’s up?” Come to find out the guy had lost his license and was having the customer take him to and from the job site for a week…ack!

There are three pages of single spaced problems that this lady has come up with in addition to what should have already been done.

Oh and she feels like Justin actually owes her money at this point!

How To Fix Some Of These Issues

While it is fun to dish about how horrible the contracting world it, there has to be something that can be done about these problems, right? Dave had found that creating a list, a REALLY detailed list, of everything that needs to be done is a great way to make sure that the job is done up to his standards.

Now, it seems really weird that a worker would not understand that they have to clean up after themselves or do the whole job, but they don’t!

Additionally helping them to schedule out their time is a great way to save yourself some money on paying your guys.

Another big problem is guys that say that they can do something when they really can’t. Sigh. Seriously, it is enough to make you question whether having employees is worth all the hassle (IT IS!)

The Trailer Fiasco

So Justin is working on a trailer with his crew and they are asked to do the outside of a trailer (mobile home). Well the temperature drops and all the paint falls off onto this guys car. As Justin is racing around town trying to find a detailer who can take the paint off, his guys call to say that the owner had pushed on a handrail they had worked on and had fallen and broken his shoulder….ow!

Next thing was that the detailed car wouldn’t start so Justin let them take his truck…the cab of his truck is up at an angle…the door won’t open and they have to climb out the drivers side. He hit one of the pillions. The old guy had knocked the cab off the truck!

Last storm of the season comes and grabs the box of extra materials and throws all the pieces from the boxes all around the mobile home park and it hits cars, mobile homes, and everywhere else!

The Framers Story

He has framed it and partially roofed it when a no-name storm comes through and lifts the roof, crashing it back down on the building. The builder has to re-build the whole second story again and the exact same thing happens again….destroying the house this time.

The Helper

A friend of Dave’s sends his guy out to burn the scrap wood from a project but it seems like it is taking him a VERY long time…so he goes and checks on him. What in the world are you doing? The guy was burning up ALL the wood for the project!!! The next time he didn’t burn the good wood, although he did make the fire in the customer’s house!!!

The last one you have to hear!!! Dave has the BEST home painting story EVER…:)

Check out this episode!

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