The one about I moved my business How do I market in a new market place. #32

August 28, 2014

I moved my business, how do I market in a new market place.

A real live scenario.

I just moved my business to another state.

Some questions were asked

What do I charge?

I can’t seem to be able to get what I was charging back where I came from.

You’ve, created a minor hurdle to jump to get in to

 your new market place to do business. Suggest doing some market research

to create a basis for pricing.

After you do your market research you might sit down and figure

what it costs you to walk out the door I  the morning. You need to know you r

numbers so you know where your breakeven  is . Now you know where to

create profit.

You have no business but you can use your past and expertise to let

 the community know  all about you and how you plan to belter the community.

And of course networking  get out there let people know you’re in town.

Start to own the media go to last week’s podcast to get a better handle on that

And become the new expert in the community. Put the old dogs to shame.

It will all work out be patient attack it all at once  and everything will happen fast.

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