The One about How to Recession Proof Your Contracting Business #33

September 4, 2014

Why do some contracting businesses thrive while others fall

 apart during an economic recession?

Do all  contracting businesses have to suffer during a recession?

What are some of the indicators or solutions that will

keep you business healthy and growing during an economic down turn?

1. Create and measure your targets your goals for sales

and growth and your revenue goals but be reminded that

profit should be our main focus

2. Keep in touch with your customer base they are the

 heart bear of our business also a source of information

 for customer service and  for the introduction of new

products and services.

3. Also develop strategies for gaining new customers

 it needs to be strategic and trackable.

4. Decide whether you are going to be reactive to

 the climate at hand or your are going to be responsive.

5. Are you practicing the 3 M’s

6. Management do you know your numbers, are your

 employees trained effectively,  do you have a up to date

 database of current clients you keep I contact with,

7. Money do you cost, labor ,job cost, what’s your break even?

8. Marketing shot gun approach or targeted approach ,

 is it trackable, is it an investment or an expense ?

These helpful strategies implemented properly

and methodically will put your business in a recession

proof mode. Start implementing these today and prepare for the future.

Keep your contracting business recession proof.

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