The One About Google, Blogging, and Vlogging #44

November 20, 2014

Google-blogging-and-vlogging-contractor-marketing-44The One About Google, Blogging, and Vlogging #44

Today the guys are talking about Google, Blogging and what!?!?!? Vlogging! Listen to this podcast to find out how to use your website to increase your expertise in the marketplace and get more customers.

Just recently Google did an algorithm change that changes how sites are ranked in the search engines. It had the happy little name of Penguin 3.0 and they are getting ready to roll out Pirate soon. Google is putting more emphasis on digital content now than ever before, looking for what is original rather than just copying pictures and content from another website. They are doing clean sweep on copied content and some companies are just disappearing from the search engine altogether.

Dave asked, so does this mean that SEO (search engine optimization and building up lots of links) is dead? YES, the bad old days of trying to game Google by buying back links is over. Today you will not only lose your rankings, but if you buy links to your website, you will pay up front AND then have to pay someone else to try to get them taken down again! It is really bad to buy links so just don’t do it.

Stealing pictures is a no-no too. You can get fined up to $600 for stealing from Corbis, one of the largest stock photo websites. They have “spiders” that search the web, looking for people who are using their pictures without paying and will just send you a nice little letter saying that you violated their copyright and owe them $600.


Justin and Dave are out there creating headlines, sales letters and content…but they are busy working, not typing and doing spell check. Both of the guys outsource their content writing to ghostwriters, after coming up with topics and bullet points that they want to have covered. Producting this type of well written content is invaluable in ranking for keywords since Google wants timely, relevant content with keywords. Some terms to target could include painting, painting contractor, roof cleaning, cleaning houses, etc. With this in mind, come up with 10-12 ideas for articles which will eventually lead to 5-6 great articles that you can post with pictures of your local job sites. The guys got a good chuckle about all the photos of old Victorian houses their competition was using in Florida…if you live in Florida have only florida houses. Don’t just buy any stock photography, make sure it matches your area.

The neat thing is that you can schedule your posts out ahead using WordPress, as long as there is a consistent publishing schedule. After publication you can use to schedule Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can automate lots of your tasks, leaving you free to keep working while your marketing is getting you leads.

Go Where Your Customers Are

You want to put info where your customers are. Say you work with realtors and property managers. Make sure to send them your articles to put their newsletters, LinkedIn groups, and email newsletters. You can send them out with a nice message that says, “hey I thought you might enjoy this”. Make sure to link all these places back to your main website and Google will give you points because of the increased traffic.

Once you have all these things done you can…

Start a VLOG

Once you have written 10 or 12 Blog posts, you can start to make VLOGs (video blog posts) out of them. Simply have someone record you reading the posts or taking about the concepts in them. The neat thing is that you can share that video on your YouTube channel, post it in the original blog post, share it on social media and even make a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on your website.

Vlogs should be no more than 1-2 minutes long each. Dave tracks the analytics for the podcast and the average person is on the site for 2.3 minutes…this means that recorded video should not be more than that.

In addition to just recording your posts, you can go back and create an ebook to give away. Just sit down and go through a list of 20 of the most frequently asked questions you get. You can use this in multiple ways, FAQ page, free report, video. It should cost you less than $200 max to have a book written and a cover developed on If you have salesmen out in the field then you can send this out before they get there to “introduce” your company to the potential customer. The nice thing is that the content is same throughout the company.

The good news about the search engine updates is that Google is now making it more relevant for the guys who are actually creating content. Google updates once a year. If you start creating content now, you are going to be ahead of the curve. As a bonus, you won’t get all kinds of weird questions from people who call into your company. They will already feel like they know about you because you answered all their questions up front on videos. You could have a whole page of videos. Once you have this up you will start hearing, “oh you’re the guy in the videos”. Then when they see you in person they are already comfortable that you are the expert. They feel like you are talking directly to them. Using you can send a video email to a customer or even an email list. It can be 20-30 seconds or even longer because you are using their servers. It is nice to send a thank you video right after the appointment, answering any questions they might have within minutes.

Say you don’t like to blog, take the videos that you shot and pay to have them transcribed. Dean Jacobsen had a great example. He said that you can’t get more commodity than safety classes for businesses…a guy did a 90 minute book about how to create more profit and longevity through safety. Being save leads to no downtime, keeping employees longer longer and they aren’t getting hurt. This guy is booked for the next 5 years…now they are calling him because he is the expert.

Just know that 60% of the leads you get have already checked you out before they call you. If you have book or pamphlet on your website, most likely you will get the job. Watch out though, if you don’t have videos or a followup system in place, you have prepared them to work with someone of the same caliber as you, but not necessarily you!

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