The One About Business Credit Made Easy with Ty Crandall 178

June 15, 2017

The One About Business Credit Made Easy with Ty Crandall 178

Business Credit… what is it all about? Is it different than personal credit?

Is it easier to get?

Ty give us some eye-opening thoughts when it comes to acquiring Business Credit.

You know that old saying, “if you need money, don’t go to the bank”. It is sort of humorous unless you are the one looking to get access to the cash you need to grow your business.

One of the reasons you may get turned down for a business loan from your residential banker is because your residential banker is just that, a residential banker. More than likely you are trying to get a business loan based on your personal credit score.

What many of us don’t realize, like Ty Crandall explains, is that you should have business credit that goes along with your business. By having a business credit score, your business is qualifying not necessarily you personally.

In this podcast interview Ty Crandall discuses for us:

  • What exactly is business credit?
  • Can any business get business credit?
  • Can the business get credit without the owner taking personal responsibility?
  • Can a business owner qualify even if they can’t get a loan from their bank?

Some of the other great bits of information we discuss are:

  • How to obtain credit for an EIN that’s not linked to your SSN?
  • How to fix damaged credit quickly?
  • The 3 steps to start a business credit profile

Ty Crandall is an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit expert. With over 16 years of financial experience Ty has become the authority in business credit business credit building, business credit scoring, and business credit repair.

Ty is the author of one of the most popular books on business and personal credit building named Perfect Credit. Ty has also written one of the best-selling business credit books Business Credit Decoded.

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