The one about becoming you own media source and owning your market #31

August 21, 2014

The one about becoming you own media source and owning your market with your marketing.

Being done correctly all of your marketing is bringing

you a steady supply of new or additional business.

Why not be your own media source? Sure you say

how I am going to do that. This week we talk about

just that, doing your own media and how to do that.

If your are a contractor worth your salt you are taking

before and after pictures or weird stuff that you come across.

Media equates with television start your company tube channel.

Take those pictures and make a video and now start making videos.

We talk about how to get them transcribed and add the content to

your blog post.   If done correctly you will raise your rankings on Google and the searches.

Next media source newspaper how does that relate to you today.

If you are marketing correctly to your target then take a community

you want to own and create a newsletter in this case a community

newsletter as your marketing piece. In time if done correctly in time you

will own that community.

Next is radio this equated to podcasting is an electronic business card .

Think about it any ways. The nice thing about these strategies is that

even if you are the new guy in town you can move ahead of all the

established  businesses in your trade or service area.

The key is just start something and keep it going when you look back .

You’ll say ot yourself shot that many videos and now I’m ranked #1 and

I’ve become the expert in my area.

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