The One About Becoming The Expert In Your Market Place #28

July 30, 2014

Let’s face it you know a tremendous about  your industry and trade

Every day you answer your customer’s questions, you answer your potential

customers questions and they are the same ones all the time.

You know you are the expert in your field but does your customer

How about your market place your community do they know you’re the expert?

Probably not you don’t have to be in business any particular amount of time to be an expert. Its not like an apprentice program.

What does it mean to have expert status in your community?

People search you out to do business with you.

Because you are the expert your new customers who searched you out are willing let me say that again willing to pay a higher price for your services. Why because you’re the expert .

So how do you become the EXPERT?

Write a book , you say I’m not a writer,  then think of yourself as an author,

This week we go through how to put together a book in 90 minutes. Not 90 days

You have everything in you mind and it comes out of your mouth every day.

Follow the formula in this week’s podcast we borrowed from Dean Jackson

And get started ,geting started is the hard part.

Really become the expert in your community get that book written and use it to grow your business.


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