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November 27, 2017

Peter Mehit has recognized that every successful business owner has this one thing in common they all know their numbers without a doubt, that’s why he says the number will set you free.

Peter Mehit has worked across many industries worldwide as a professional consultant. He has also been intimately involved in the startup of four different companies either as a member of the launch team, or as owner and team leader. He has held positions of trust from senior manager to vice president and has acquired a broad base of experience as a result.

He expert in process and workflow optimization solutions, Mr. Mehit can quickly and clearly communicate this information so you will be able to easily implement the necessary solutions in your business.

There are 3 things that you got to focus on that’s in Peters book Killer Business plan which you can get on Amazon the link is below.

The real things you need to focus on being a small business owner is

  1. Who is the customer who is going to buy from you?
  2. How do I attract them?
  3. How do I keep track of the money?

These three things increase your odds of success and go from being nil to about eighty percent.

If you set up the perfect business and nobody buys your stuff, then you are what they call in the technical term is screwed you are screwed

The first thing is the customer, so everybody is has got to be just like hitting a note on a piano everybody’s got a natural customer that that matches their vibration that will buy from them just because they see themselves in you as a person.

Everything comes down to the value whether it’s real value or proceeded value.

So, the customers the first thing then the second thing is really an off shoot of the customer.

The second thing How do I attract my customer?

One of the most important questions you can ask your customer is “How Did You Find Me”

Peter says I would actually tell people like for example say you’re say you’re a carpenter, and you’re just starting up, drive two towns over to somewhere where you won’t be a competition for somebody and start talking to people in carpentry businesses.

Find out what works what doesn’t Remember we as business owners are the loneliest people in the world, so you can relate to them.

you’re going to start forming a circle of people that you could talk to. Get to know who your competition is and what they offer.

Other business owners and they’re going to tell us what works and what doesn’t work.

The third thing is keep track your money.

In the beginning keep it simple

Get a three-ring binder, that’s divided up either in three tabs or five houses college rule books that are by subject.

and then in the first on the first tab is you’re right the word revenue

and that revenue is you just record everywhere where money came in and then the next tab is expenses.

And then the next tab says just expenses that are expenses for running the business.

If you do your notebooks with you all the time as you spend stuff you just date what it was and how much it costs

Then at the end of the week you total up those amounts and you take it you take a separate piece of paper in the fourth tab and you take, here’s the revenue, here’s what it cost me to do the job here’s what my expenses where you subtract the two the expenses and the job costs from the revenue and you see whether you made money or not.

It’s really a simple to do it in the beginning.

Start to pay more closely more attention to the numbers.And then they’re going to grow and learn and graduate into some kind of real accounting system on their own.

But what most people do is they go I have money in my checkbook therefore I’m doing great


The thing about it is the people who have become great the people become millionaires the people become wealthy in any kind of business know their numbers they know they know their numbers for sure.

Connect with Peter Mehit today

800-741-8444 call to get your free 15 minuet consult on any business problem you are having.

Go to the contact page and put in there Send me the Book he will send you a free pdf of his book. Killer Business Plan.

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