The Good, bad and BORING on Marketing, Boring Marketing with Dave Negri 205

October 23, 2017

Today’s podcast is number one in series copy cats are losers. and it’s about boring marketing.

We are going to start with the boring side of the marketing which most contractors gravitate to. Most business owners gravitate to because it’s easy.

Easy does not mean correct or right. Many times, it really comes down to 2 things

1.Knowing that we need to advertise and market our business we take the easiest path. We have someone come to our business or calls us to advertise in the local high school program and we do it. Because we want to be in that part of town, so we do it and our ad gets put together. They put together something with your logo, telephone number service, (boring) and you feel satisfied because you met your obligation to market your company.

Then you wait and no calls,

  1. You are aggressive and take charge of your marketing and find the areas of town and you put a similar type ad in the neighborhood magazines as above and still no calls you call the magazines and say I haven’t gotten any calls in months ,their response is you add is not big enough,or you need to keep running so the readers can become familiar with your ad in the magazine

Sound familiar. Let’s get beyond boring and move to the next step

We will give you enough information to know what boring marketing is and show you how to stay away from it! We also help you discover how to move your marketing in the right direction so you can get an actual return on your marketing investment and not feel like you are throwing money into a black hole, knowing you need to market but not knowing if it is actually working.

Examples of Boring Marketing



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