The Good, BAD and boring on Marketing, Bad Marketing 206

October 24, 2017

Today’s podcast is number two in series copy cats are losers. and it’s about bad marketing.

Its bad and bad marketing is we are going to talk about.

And to make it clear on the copy cats are losers. You know I’m talking about your marketing.

When you copy someone else’s, marketing without finding out how It works you’ve lost the minute you place that ad or sent that postcard or face book ad.

Here is what you’ve lost profit that could have been strategically placed to make you more profit in your marketing approach to bring in more business and high paying customers.

You’ve lost because I hate to say it you got lazy and depended on someone else to write your add who you thought was smarter than you because they had advertising sales on their business card.

Our goal with this podcast series is to help you discover the right things to ask and to have a fairly good idea on what to put in your marketing to make it work. so, you will learn the difference between the boring, the bad and the good.

So you can stop loosing you hard earned money and getting very little or no results.

just remember I are a contractor too.

I ve made the mistakes wasted the money then I got Dan Kennedy, Craig Garber, and a bunch of other top marketer’s books and read and read and went to seminars so I could learn how to stop throwing money away and actually get people a, real customers calling me,

You will be able to go to the link below and look at these and get an idea.

Examples of Bad Marketing

this first ad is going to be example number one

and it’s in our bad category mainly because it’s probably size wise I say it’s crammed full .

Five and a half by eight you know one of those little flyer magazines that you get it’s got a lot of I mean a lot of content in it

I think that’s what one of the things that makes an ad bad is that there’s so much content into it that of course we always feel like we’re spending a ton of money.

We want to get as much stuff crammed into that space that we can so that everything is covered sometimes that is not the best way to do it.

but in this particular want to sit by redoing your cabinets you know change only the fronts of your outdated cabinets reface don’t replace.

There’s really no compelling headline there there’s pictures you know little before and after pictures and is old and outdated the new now updated.

There is so much stuff crammed into the ad That it is confusing. Confusing says I’m not going to look any more I’m not interested

Again, there is no compelling headline something to grab your attention to make you want to continue looking at the ad.

There are 3 actual examples I use today.

Go the link above ad really take a look at the marketing pieces and see if you can see what I’m talking about.

It all about knowing and learning what to expect from your marketing and what should be in your ads so that some sales person doesn’t sell you a line of goods.

They are sales people who work for marketing companies they are not marketers.

The next episode we get into good marketing and what to expect and why you position it a certain way.

The link above has bad examples so you can be aware of what not to do.

Check out this episode!

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