The Five Biggest Reasons Contractors Fail #45

November 27, 2014

5-reasons-why-contractors-FAIL-45-contractor-marketing-300x300The Five Biggest Reasons Contractors Fail #45Why we fail and what tripped all of us up this year. This episode is about the biggest reasons why contractors fail.

1. Doing Nothing At All

A big question from today’s show is why people do nothing at all. it seems like they are stuck because they are good at what they do and maybe even have enough business to keep them going without having to do too much lead generating or marketing. They think because they are good the business will come to them. But this is not the field of dreams. You need to have systems to have a viable, predictable business.

Most contractors have made themselves a job instead of building a business. You have to have work and marketing systems in place.

2. They don’t plan.

As Zig Ziglar says, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” You have to have goals for your business. If you don’t you can’t be disappointed that you have no business.

If you do nothing at all, lots of contractors who get stuck in their routine and before you know it Friday is here but you haven’t moved forward at all. You need to have goal sheets or marketing sheets that you can follow to stay on track.

This doesn’t just happen to schmoes…just recently Justin stopped using his online calendar. He fell out of his habit of using his calendar, and was just writing things down and highlighting old school. A little bit of this might be boredom with having systems so everything really is working right.

Once you are out of whack, you will stop wanting to add things in because you are unorganized. Justin likes the visual aspect of his paper calendar. Dave hard copy prints his calendar up each week.

Fear plays a part. You can start second guessing yourself that as a business person or marketing person you are out of your elements. There is fear of failure, but the most perplexing is the fear of success. Many contractors don’t want to have the responsibility of having employees or additional work. What they don’t think about is that a real business is workable without you being there.

3. They do everything halfway.

Another big reason people fail is that they get all excited about the different strategies that are going to use and they use the start a bunch of new strategies at 100% which then start fading away.

If you have been in business for 4-5 years there is no reason you should be waiting around for the phone to ring. You should have up to 5 different goals and systems in place that you are working on.

Going beyond five is a recipe for disaster. If you have 10 or heavens forbid, 20 things that you are doing or working on you are bound to fail.

Dave has his daily list down to just 3 things that he has to do and in pure Brian Tracy fashion, he starts by Eating That Frog (doing the most icky tasks first so the rest of his days are amazing). Dave’s “frog” is his phone calls. He has to force himself to do them, but once they are out of his way, everything for the rest of the day goes better.

4. They are not consistent.

Are you doing the habits? It takes 21 days to make a habit and 2 to break it! Whether it is calendaring, marketing or anything else. You go along great and then stop and could kick yourself because you didn’t keep going.

When it comes to doing things outside their comfort zone or what “needs” to be done many contractors just are not consistent.

A big one here is following up. Phone calls trip up a lot of contractors. They get a message and then make one call to followup, but they don’t have a system for what happens after that.

When Dave calls someone back, he says that he missed them and will be calling back until he gets a hold of them. That way they know he will be following up with the mind game of “you are bugging them”.

If you are inconsistent with your goals now is the time to start getting real about your game plan and have a mindset of creating a habit of consistency.

5. They have no plan.

You can’t get up in the morning and say, “I have nothing to do today”. You need to be calendaring all your work-week and marketing activities. You could make customer service calls, “pop in” visits to past customers, thank you for being our customer phone calls.

Justin posted his daughter’s Christmas list to Facebook and shared it. No business what-so-ever and they will be more a part of your life.

You have to set goals and know where and when they are going to be accomplished. SMART GOALS…Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely, but that doesn’t mean anything without having small and actionable items to go along with them.

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