The Engagement Connection Are You Really Standing Out? | Loren Weisman 143

October 13, 2016

The Engagement Connection Are You Really Standing Out? | Loren Weisman Episode 143

The engagement connection… it’s all about connecting through engaging your peps.

It’s about educating and empowering business owners to expand your reach by having conversations.

Loren Weisman is connecting businesses to their audiences with a more direct style of engagement, conversation and communication in order to create authentic conversions. He calls it “Brand Precision Marketing” or BPM. People are tired of being spammed with ads and being told to like me, follow me, buy this, share this, and the “vote for me” style of marketing.

Especially with contracting, where too many use a recycled style of marketing that is ineffective and doesn’t create the conversions, this style of supplemental marketing can help contractors stand out in their given markets that much more and in an easy way.

Loren’s approach is to educate and empower businesses internationally to expand their reach by reaching out to have conversations instead of pushy sales and fake number tactic approaches. The engagement and connection, both direct and indirect to a product, a service or a message with an audience that is being talked with, instead of talked at is a more assertive and connecting form of branding and marketing.

It’s about educating and empowering business owners to expand their reach by having conversations.


A unique approach is to help businesses enter into conversations with their clients and potential clients and get a much better and higher engagement factor. Meaning, bottom line, more business.

Magic Three Audiences

The concept of the three audiences:

1. The people that know you, continue to market to them without selling them

2. The people who have heard of you but haven’t done business with you or have a file through to get to know you

3. The audience of people who have no idea who you are

When you build content, it can create an engaging conversation with all three of those audiences. If you can create fun engaging content then your content will be shared and it will build your contact base for future business by silently selling through engagement.

Contact  Loren Weisman,  he would love to hear from you.


PH: 424-265-0018

AD: 505 Beachland BLVD 1-205, Vero Beach, FL. 32963


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