The Business Black Ops Secret to Your Business Success with Dave Frees episode 135

August 18, 2016

Dave Frees has the Black Ops Secret to your business Success! Dave’s academic and career background has taken him across the globe and exposed him many leaders, master communicators, persuaders, influencers and negotiators in hundreds of nations and across many different cultures.

David is taking his training he received in interrogation and negotiation and actually has taken some of those key elements and has implemented those techniques into very effective sales and marketing tools.

Using these techniques to build trust and establish relationships probably a little bit quicker than normal because of his training.

He uses what he calls “Force Multipliers” so that you should be able to get more for your marketing money.

Sort of like leverage? How do we get more out of what we have?

David talks about enhanced communication as the ultimate leveraging tool of building of trust. The way you present yourself so they get that impression that you are genuinely interested in them and care about their outcome.

The best thing that you can do before you sell is think before you go out to the market place and actually take a look at your best customer and see how you related to them. Figure out what they wanted and then take that information and  make your presentations from the data you have about your best customer not your average customer or pain in the neck customer. This process puts you in a position to get more “best customers”.

So basically when you have a best customer scenario, you put together your thought processes and what you’re good at and the quality of product or service you offer. What you basically do is gently disqualify those that don’t fit that criteria so that they actually disqualify themselves.

The mysterious six word question

You know when you get that kid or that employee and you want them to do something? You know they can do it and they say, “I can’t do that” and you have a tendency to say yes you can or you better if they are an employee.

But what if you approach it from the standpoint and you asked the six words…I’m just curious,

“What would happen if you could?”

They automatically think about how to could they begin and start to imagine how they could actually get it done.

So if you want to know more about the six word question… Click Here

The difference between persuasion and influence

They say persuasion is hard work, trying to get the client or customer to change their way of thinking… it can be done but it’s very hard work.

Influence on the other hand can make you be the “go to guy” for that particular customer. In the case of, let’s say that you were metal roofing guy and your client needs a shingle roof so you refer them to a shingle roof guy. Hey joint venture! Everyone makes money, but now you are the influencer in that situation and you basically become the “go to guy” for that customer.

Being influential, it’s magic.

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