The 5 Deadly Sins of Contractor Marketing | Episode 72

June 11, 2015

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Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast. Tom Peters

The 5 Deadly Sins of Contractor Marketing

Marketing Sin #1 – Not understanding what marketing actually is

Marketing is one of those terms defined in a lot of different ways. Here’s a good definition of marketing, “the quickest path to the sale with prospects and clients who are properly positioned to be sold without actually having to sell them”. That may sound confusing, but to make it easier, let’s define the difference between sales and marketing.

Sales: what we do when you have someone on the telephone or in front of you and you are making a sales presentation.

Marketing: what you do to get people on the telephone or in front of you in the first place. This means that marketing done correctly and most effectively is really just great positioning where you are viewed as a welcome guest, instead of as an annoying pest.

Marketing Sin #2 – Not having an effective marketing system for selling services

The best type of marketing to use is direct response marketing instead of institutional image marketing.

Direct response marketing allows you to sell your services in advance instead of just saying “here I am, here’s what I do and here’s my phone number”, offering your name rank and serial number. What you need to do is properly position yourself with education-based marketing strategies.

Use a 24 hour prerecorded message, have them visit your website, read an educational sales letter or a consumer awareness guide. These strategies educate clients in advance and position you as the authority in your field. Additionally these strategies give them reasons other than price to distinguish what makes you and your company a great company to use.

Marketing Sin #3 – Not using a headline in all your ads

Believe it or not, your company name is not a headline, a headline is an ad for the customer you want to attract. You want to use a statement that will get their interest and pull consumers in. Some examples include “Mistakes to avoid when choosing a remodeling company” and “10 questions to ask every contractor before you let them on your property”.

Marketing Sin #4 – Not raising your prices

It is amazing how many construction professionals will go out and spend money on the best possible equipment, training to educate themselves. So they have more hours of education than their competitors, but still continue to compete on price. Let’s face it, there are always going to be prospects who buy price and price shop but trying to appeal to that market segment is a losing proposition.

Best quality work and lowest prices should not be mentioned in the same sentence, not to mention the same company.

If you’re going to try to compete low-price one then compete on the same low quality of service. It makes no sense to raise the level of value in one’s area, improving your education and your skill but not raising in terms of what you get paid.

If you want to service high-end homes, high-end clientele you certainly want to price yourself accordingly so it says that you are high-end. Because high-priced home owners will not buy cheap.

How much you can charge for something is based on your ability to sell it, which means the more you learn about marketing and the more you utilize a powerful marketing techniques the more you’ll be able to charge for your services.

Marketing Sin #5 – Not using testimonials in your marketing

The most powerful ways promote and communicate the value of your service is by getting other people who think the world of you to say so.

They’re your best sales people. Packing up those testimonials in the form of printing, audio or video and including it in any of your communications with prospects and clients. Each one of us needs to do more of that.

Go to the sales appointment with your laptop and play your testimonials to your prospective customers. No one sells your services better than really happy clients and this is one area of most of us underutilize. Having good information is not enough, you have to know how to put it to work for you.

Never forget you are in the marketing business! Your contracting business receives income based on your ability to market. So compare these five deadly sins of marketing to your own company. You won’t burn for eternity if you get these wrong but your business might.

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