Ted Boyce More Profits From the Positive and Interesting Side of Safety | Contractor Marketing Podcast Episode 118

April 28, 2016

Safety seems to compete with the process of getting the job done. Fact is that when safety is dialed in it actually makes everything run smother.

Fun Fact… Thomas E. (TED) Boyce, Ph.D. is the only applied psychologist, formally-trained professional musician and recording artist, author, keynote speaker, university professor, Fortune 100 business consultant in the world.

Ted Boyce s  company tag line is, “We’re not just preventing injuries we are improving lives.”

When safety is run at its optimum you see other things like production being up so that it s improving production improve quality, even improved worker morale.

The key is not to force safety upon the workforce, it is to get them involved and engaged in their own safety.

A great, great way to get employees to buy into safety, especially when we show them that we as the employer care about them, then  there’s this unique reciprocity in that they start caring about you and your business.

Seems like the buzz around safety is that has to be a boring subject, but it really doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun. It can be exciting and also be interesting and it can be very profitable on both ends of the spectrum, both the employee and the owner.

So here’s a question… if you have signs up that say 230 days without an injury or 125 safe days, does that necessarily mean you’re working Environment is safe?

Within proof safety and things running smoothly, there should be increased profits. Although we can not forget about the people side of the equation.

When safety is not an important issue then we have injuries, lost time that means lost revenue. In the construction industry the numbers run for direct and indirect cost on the low side from 28K to 35K.

That’s time out of work, Workmen’s Comp, retraining, training another employee to fit that slot till the other person comes back. A lot of unnecessary work involved when an accident happens.

So when we start to do things in the safety arena and think as an  owner? I’ll be working on the minimums that might be deemed by OSHA or the insurance company or things of that nature. We get minimum results.

We really start to see the benefits of the safer work place that we discussed earlier when we go beyond the minimums.

Really, the upfront training in the safety of the company’s employees  is actually an investment in the well-being of not just the company but the employees of the business and helps the owner serve the community better.

Ted Boyce has a unique approach to safety where he helps the owner or the employees figure out why they do certain things and try to create a habit of avoiding those behaviors instead of just having a check list of safe habits or safe actions.

So communication is key factor in this safety process.

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Again we’re not just preventing injuries, we are improving lives.

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