Taking your Game Plan to Action Plan #50 Contractor Marketing

January 1, 2015

Taking your Game Plan to Action Plan #50 Contractor Marketing

From-Game-Plan-to-Action-Plan-50-Contractor-MarketingTaking your Game Plan to Action Plan #50 Contractor MarketingThe last two weeks we’ve gone over goal setting for us contractors, we’ve gone over marketing goals for 2015, and in this week’s podcast we want to go into talking about our action plan. What you can actually do with those goals that will help you move you and your business along the way towards reaching those goals you have hopefully set this year.

As a side note, one useful tool that I came across and used recently is an app from Action Coach (you can download it below at the end of this post). This is a neat little tool that will help you with your numbers, you won’t have to run all your crazy numbers. It makes this simple for you and there’s a nice little intro video.

Moving On

We talked about your mission, we talked about your vision, we talked about your ideal customer and how that may change this year. Maybe it all may change this year depending on where you want to go and what you wanted to do. And then maybe not.

In this episode we go through the action plan how to take those goals that you set for your marketing in your business and actually put them into an action plan so that you’ll see results.

You might want to write down your tasks, then breakdown those tasks and figure out what is the most important for there where you want to end up. Writing down the important stuff will help to keep it in a minimum or a manageable format. Remember you are in this game to win, so set yourself up for success.

A little different approach for this is to write down 10 affirmations a day and then get a sense of the three most important goals you want or need to reach over the next 90 days. Dave writes down every day what he is going to work towards his goal each day and then checks out all the ancillary other tasks he has for that day.

Doing this daily helps you to not lose track of your focus. As we have talked about often, if you are not minding what you are doing you can spend the whole week doing, doing, doing and just putting out fires. Having an action plan actually helps you be more specific and sensitive to what your plans are and you will find that instead of running around putting out fires, sometimes you need to let them burn.

Justin talks about in his book, Every Contractors Selling Handbook which has some great action plans (the link is below).

Your Google calendar and your Google tasks in that calendar are another great way to keep on top of things and keeps you going towards your goal. Both are excellent (free) items to use your contracting business.

We’ve included the task sheet you can download to make your life a little easier (the link is below).

The important thing about the game plan, the tasks and setting them up correctly is that they help you to create the income or business portion of your life that is planned out. It’s the WHY you are doing all this that is important to focus on.

As you go through your list write down 10 things that you’re grateful for every day. Just writing these down, it’s amazing the things that it will keep you out of the pity party mentality.

“Of all the things I’m going to take away that I should write down is all things you’re grateful for every day. It’s amazing on how your thoughts actually does change when you go through this process.”

These tasks for 2015 are in reality a game plan to win at the game that you are playing.

The biggest challenges presented to you amongst the last three weeks is actually sitting down and writing down your goals, writing down your marketing plan, and now writing down your affirmations and action plan. In reality, it’s the hardest thing that you will do all year, but it’s the beginning stage to get you started so that you can map out where you want to be for 2015 in your overall game plan.

So make it a winning year.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Every Contractor’s Selling Handbook : How to Round Up Prospects, Build Value and Get Referrals, By Justin Jones

Action Coach’s 5 Ways To Profit Calculator

ACTION PLAN worksheet download


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