Taking Control of Your Online Reputation with Ajay Prasad Podcast Episode 168

April 6, 2017

Taking Control of Your Online Reputation with Ajay Prasad | Contractor Secret Weapon Episode 168

Are a few customers damaging your reputation? What if you could get in front of it!

How about getting more reviews and better reviews? Could it all be possible?

92 % of potential customers check reviews before they even select a business!

And the more up to date reviews are a major factor in choosing a business.

So how does your business measure up.

Well if it could be better in any way shape or form then this week’s guest Ajay Prasad of www.Repugen.com will help you to understand how Repugen can be a big part in getting more and better reviews. With his system you will be able to spot some of the challenges your clients are having with your company. And you will be able to fix those challenges.

For example one of his clients is a doctor’s office and when they asked for reviews they were few and what was coming back the poor reviews were all about one person the receptionist.

Without a system like this this business owner would never have known what was going on in his office in a negative way.

Then you have all the positive things also.

If you are a serious business owner, you will welcome the poor review with open arms so you can fix it to better serve that client but to improve and be better for all new business.

Why should you care so much about any kind of reviews more business for one?

The other reason clients that write raving reviews usually become your raving fans.

How will RepuGen improve your online Reputation?

  • Get authentic online reviews from happy customers
  • Prevent negative reviews and assist in handling unhappy customers
  • Understand customer sentiment through simplified reporting
  • Provide powerful, easy-to-use technology for you and your customers

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