New Word of mouth advertising Google Reviews.  Today we have an awesome talk for you. We have a returning guest, Joe Burnich and his business partner Amanda Reid. Today we will be talking about Google Reviews, everything that we can possibly think about that is related to google reviews.

Google reviews are very essential to businesses. Everyone looks at reviews but not everyone gives reviews. Even if people loves your work its hard to get people to take action. It’s still is a big roadblock that most small businesses experiences when it comes to get reviews. Beyond that, it’s not just being hard, there’s that fear from business owners as to what others will say about them when they are left with bad reviews even though they thought they did a good job. While we have that fear, understanding what we can do next time is very important as well.

Providing good services, even though we don’t know what will be the outcome from the clients will be, it’s still part of the transparency between the interaction you had with your clients. The more you interact with your google page, the better that is for your rankings. It shows that you care to your customers, to your potential clients, whether it’s bad or good review. Responding to the bad reviews can also turn that review around to a good review. If you show that you reached out to customers who gave bad reviews somehow, they can change the reviews to a good one.

Here are some of the ways that you can get good reviews:

  1. Understanding: Reviews are basically the decision-making process for a lot of people. It really is the new word of mouth advertising. Reviews let the entire world tell others about you. Understand people and communicate with them properly.
  2. Providing a good service. If you’re unsure of having a good service then there’s a high chance of not getting a good review.
  3. Having a conversation with your clients or potential clients. Whether email or text messages, it will make a difference. It’s because you show that you genuinely care about the services you provided.
  4. Reaching out to them shows that business owners nurture the relationship between the business owners and customers.
  5. Offer an Incentive to your staff or employees because it will serve as a drive for them to make the “asking for reviews” artistically so that your customers will likely give you a 5-star review.
  6. Personalize your notes or a simple message that you will leave to your prospects. They’ll feel more valued.

Google reviews are the new word of mouth advertising now. You get a lot of referrals from other people or establishments since people will check your good reviews. Joe has a smart phone app called “The Easy 5 Star App”. It’s an app to get easy 5 star from your customers. It alleviates the bad reviews to come in automatically. It automates the feedback from the customer.

  1. Simply put in the cellphone numbers of your customers and click submit. They’ll get a question: “How did we do?” If the client gave you a 5 star, it will take them directly to your google page and they can leave a review.
  2. If the customer did not like the service they got and is about to give probable 1-2 star, it won’t go to your google page but instead it will ask a question: “What can we don to improve our service?”. Basically, this part will prevent you from getting a bad review.

It’s easy for every business owners now to get 5 stars from their clients. Joe’s company wanted to do something different. They wanted it to be simple, affordable, and have you up and running in no time.  And again, it’s inexpensive, they only offer the app for as much as $300 because they need to create the app specifics to the business but they will only charge the business $29 a month for each business listing they have in google. For the listeners of this podcast, $147 to have it set up and $29 each month.

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