For today’s podcast we will be talking with  Pat Morlando. Pat’s been in the business for over 20 years. He was also a sub constructor. In reality you have to be in your toes because you have 2 customers, everything in your business translates in your business. No one knows the food industry like Pat Morlando. Now the extensive experience he had helps him with his current business. He provides quality experience and service towards his customer and to his staff as well. They have over 450 employees and extends to 5 states. It’s all about the service industry now. In today’s market, in every level, they want to understand the vision but also match the personality of the client. If every one of those pieces, the vision of the client will be gone. In each market you have 2 customers, and each should be treated equally and as important.

Meet or beat the expectations of the clients is a must. For Pat, they hire the attitude and train the skill. Product is the product. If you don’t provide good service it won’t be a good product. It will just be so-so for the customers which may not be good. In the party business, they need someone who is very outgoing. For the most part, they will be trained their way. In most industries, it’s getting harder and harder to find qualified employees. Matching an event personality with staff personality ensures that success. The vision has to become the reality.

They have systematically grown every year. As a business owner, no matter what happens you need to have profit. The challenging things as far as the programs they have has been, needing an employee that fits the needs of the target market they have. Finding the individual that fits the needs of the company is going to be tough but with the training program this helped the company earn more.

Creating an image, going in prepared just like solving the problem before going there. This is something that they represent towards the market that are targeting and servicing. The whole outcome is to make sure that the company invests on their employees because they are hiring for the future. If the employee is not an asset they are not good for the company. Because if not then they are not valuable to you, to the company and to the customers. The company has the ability to put them to work but if the employee is not able to meet the expectations of the company then they have placed that opportunity to the wrong people.

Reaffirm the commitment to make every effort to accelerate the achievement of the company so to be able to match the vision, to develop the goals. This is to also deepen the relationship of the owner to their employees. It’s about the customer’s the bottom line. It reflects on Pat’s company. “Servicing the hospitality industry is not only our Mission, but our Passion!” this is the motto they have and you can also see this in their website.

They have franchised their companies, and what they’re looking for was group of business that they love what they want. Enjoying their team. Expand their branch nationwide. It’s a good business opportunity.

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