Today I just want to thank everyone of you who have been following this podcast we have been  been on the air for I think four and half years we’ve brought you some great content some great guests to help you with your business and great marketing concepts all with the intent to help you grow your business.

 I don’t know about you all but I’ve come to the realization that there’s so much information out there that it can be overwhelming and I hope that none of this has been overwhelming for you for you in the past.

Today I just want to share a couple of things with you, sometimes we just don’t want to talk about. Or well it’s kind of weird but we hear a lot of our great stories from a lot of the books we read a lot of people you come in contact you know the stories that are shared. They are those mountain top experiences usually the best of the best. These are things that have worked but you know we never talk about don’t know why we don’t talk about the valley experiences.

  Don’t know why we never talk about them. The mistakes or the challenging things the things that got to them on top experiences those are the real things that make you grow.

Yes, it’s great to cheer on the people that have made the monumental quest but we don’t talk much about the failures or the course corrections that got us to the top.

Nobody likes to talk about the failures or the course corrections but they’re real they are very real  and what we get through.

Today listen I want to share with you one of my big secrets that I’ve never shared before and just recently it dawned on me over the past couple of weeks maybe a month or two, I’m not sure but it’s just been really in the back of my mind and that I’ve been holding out on you and I apologize it’s never been intentional,

 My goal has always been to give you everything that I possibly could to help you with the growth of your business but for some reason and shame on me I have not done that .

I have to tell you it wasn’t intentional, but it’s been brought to mind recently in a crazy and in a mighty  way.

Out of all the marketing knowledge and insight about  how people think in the way they buy and the psychology of things in the marketplace and how to get people to be attracted to your marketing and call you, the number one thing that has helped me in the growth of all my businesses is I know some are going to say is this is crazy but it’s been prayer.

I know some of you will get it and some of you will not get it. 

 And it’s really you know I don’t know why I never brought this up before but it’s just really the words put on my heart to let you know that out of all the great things out there that are available for your marketing for running your business is prayer it has been for my business .

Because I don’t know everything and no matter how much I do  know in what I can put together.

 You know why I would pray about it why would I pray about every aspect of my business alternately because it’s not my business it’s God’s business and that’s what the intent was from the very beginning that I started business and I know that.

Like I said Some of you will get it and some you won’t .

Some of you will say, well why would I pray about every aspect of my business because like I said it’s not my business my business is Gods  business and that’s for me it could be for you that’s OK and if it’s not that’s OK too.

 But in reality who know more about how to run the business, how to market, how to handle employees how to better run a business the correct way better than the creator.

Let me tell you one of my favorite stories and because I know some are saying why should I pray about something that I know how to do, or I think I know how to do that I you know been doing right along.

 Why would I pray about that so let me tell you one of my favorite stories about the knowing what to do being in a position of doing the exact thing that you know what to do but.

Here is the story, He didn’t do it and said he prayed about it so let me tell you and this is really one of my favorite stories and it’s about King David and his six hundred men of war came home and they came home to find out that their town had been burned to the ground and everything had been carried off every living thing every child every woman all the livestock matter a fact if it didn’t get burned it was taken off.

Oh can you picture that. If you picture something like that coming home finding nothing there.

The story goes on and says they all wept until they could weep no more and now everyone was mad at David and  they wanted to stone him, six hundred men blaming the leader for what had happened to them and you know what this is one of those scenarios where David knew what to do ,matter of fact those six hundred guys like your employees they know what to do but.

 Why wouldn’t they do it go after their families they were warriors that’s what they did they know how to do the wok they were battle tested and driven.

 David knew how to do it he knew what to do he was the warrior just like your the business owner you’re the business leader.

 When you talk about peer pressure six hundred people wanted to stone him because we know what to do less This will get our families and David decided that now you know he didn’t give in to peer pressure or even know that that would probably be the first thing when done was just go out and get everyone.

David stopped cleared his head and called the priest and prayed, he prayed

To God and he asked. Should I go after the Raiders? And will I catch them, and God said yes and if you read the story to the very end they recovered Everything ,everything.

 1sam:30:1 take a look at it but I wonder will it happened if David and his army did what they knew to do that they were the warrior or the business person. We all know when of course we would never know what would happen because the story wouldn’t be there.

 Got put in there for a reason to show us what happens when we bring our prayers to God. As it should be done. In any case the answer.Sometimes the most profound ways.

I know that throughout my business life the best times are really when I prayed about it and I think about it’s a reaction that I should go and I pray about the marking actions do I prayed about even type of people that I want to attract and when I even went in did ask them as I wrote proposals is this going to be the best fit for this customer and I would always pray to give me the customer that you would have me to have the one that my interaction will help me to glorify youLord.

 I have to tell you that prayer has had the most profound effect on my business.

So today’s Transitions and knowing when its time I want to switch over and tell you about today’s thought on trends this is knowing when it’s time.What in the heck does that mean?

You know in our culture we as business owners and just in life in general and I know that I have big ego and I never thought I had a big ego until recently.

 Personally I’ve been tested it been a big deal and it’s gotten into some trouble that I’m working it out let’s put it that way.

 Have you ever had a situation and let’s just say we’re going on topic since we’re talking about business let’s just talk about business and we’re going to do everything same as always, everything’s going great you’re doing the marketing you’re doing whatever you normally do. And then all the sudden. Everything slows down or stops and it seems like you all the sudden you hit a wall everything comes to a screeching halt or real close to it and it sort of sets you back a little and you go.

What in the world in going on here ,this is happened to me three times in my life about twenty years ago. And we work that about two thousand and eight and I think a lot of people went through that and recently in probably the past.

 Probably twelve months it started and came to a head in the past two months.

 So according to you know our normal business acumen  are things that we’ve learned in this culture you know if there’s all wall we hit we are taught to  go around it to go  right go through go over it, right I’m sure you shaking your head right now yes these are things that sometimes or some hard lessons I want that or I can’t seem to break through the walls.

But I want to propose something new here. Here’s a question that I want to propose to you that really change the way that changed things for me .It really helped me a lot going to this question.

 But a question that ninety nine out of one hundred people will never think to ask.

 Why is the wall there in the first place.

Interesting question isn’t it why is the wall there.  Well many of you are saying.

Well you know that’s kind of crazy I would never ask that question why is the wall there in the first place.

That was a question that I had to finally come to because I couldn’t get around it can get through it can get past that and more I tried I just got humbled and says You’re asking the wrong question so I want to share that with you the question about the wall.

What would you why would you ask that question why is the wall there well cuz the wall is there because there’s something that I need to learn or maybe there’s something for me to need to stop and that’s basically what happened to me is there are some things that I need to learn and there’s some things that I needed to .

It goes back to beginning of this podcast where we talked about goes back to prayer.

I know what to do maybe I should do it as God I mean what should I do. So I said this recently has just happened to me and it’s been accumulating over probably the past maybe year and it’s really come to head in the last two months and I really had to take a look at that and pray about why is the wall there and the answers that I got.

 A couple real astounding answers that I never even thought would come about . That I can’t ignore. And the answers from my life for me was transition and that’s where this came from this title this is this is part of that transition. Do I know what am I going to transition into ,I have no clue but I know that I need a transition and there’s time and number two thing was you need to simplify let’s simplify to make your life simpler and it’s been too chaotic for too long .

That’s really refreshing for me and the other thing one of the thing that came through loud and clear above all other things is that you’re chasing the wrong thing. And that really caught my attention also so I have to you know take these things into very big consideration and that’s why when the you know the transition comes in people’s lives and when you know that it’s time to transition you need to do it because going on the path that you’re going it’s just not going to lead to work where it would be better that’s the cool thing you know is he better and so.

A lot of people who go through transitions I’ve seen him go through physical ailments I’ve seen people go through financial troubles, God will do whatever it takes to get your attention to draw you closer to him.Luckly for me it’s not has been physical hasn’t been a real big financial burden it hasn’t been peaches and cream let me tell you that but He got my attention and I know. That this is great for me.

So this is what I just want to let you know is that this is going to be the last Contractors Secret Weapon podcast because it’s time for that transition. I to want to let you leave you on a note that the secret here success is about having God be in control.

 And if you’re not a believer that’s OK you can do try to do it on your own and you  may become successful but its more that it is serving a risen Savior Its about  being at peace in all things its about an unspoken joy.

For those who do understand you do understand  for those that don’t believe in Jesus Christ that’s OK That’s really OK.

 But it’s not OK for me and you’ll probably think that this whole thing  I’ve talked about as crazy and that’s OK but I want to tell you this .

It is more important to know whose you are than who you are. And so the simplify is awesome because I’ve been working like a crazy man ten twelve hours a day for I don’t remember how long and it’s just like I’ve gotten this huge release.

 I need to do that that I can things need to be simplified so’s and then I’m chasing the wrong things so I’m going to simplify I’m going to simplify and hopefully that this has helped you or will help unit future I don’t know I’m not going to be on Facebook I’m not going to be on Linked In and if you want to talk a little bit more maybe you need to. E-mail me at.

Again I just want to thank each and every one of you who have been following the podcast for the past four and a half years or if you are new go back through there’s  like two hundred eighty eight nine but I just want to reemphasize that prayer is the one thing that will exponentially grow your business and yourself. So signing out this is the last podcast go grow your business be profitable and be successful. In all that you do because you prayed about it.

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