Today we have an awesome talk for you. We will be talking with about Jim Mosquera.About how to Avoid Becoming Another Financial Statistics.

He’s a published author of fiction and non-fiction and a business professional. He wants people to understand the world of problems and think for themselves. Currently, he’s the principal of Sentinel Consulting, a small business consulting, financing and debt mediation firm. He also operates the economic and financial website called The Sentinel. He contributes financial and economic articles to various publications. According to Dun & Bradstreet in the next 60 minutes, 12 businesses will file for bankruptcy and another 317 will have suits, liens or judgments filed against them. Jim’s company is here to improve the financial viability of your business. Sometimes personal credit problems bleed over into business. And Jim’s goal is to avoid from becoming another statistic! He is also bilingual practice.

Jim was involved in his kind of industry, he always had his hand in money and doing things researching about money and banking. He took a license for himself that someone that can manage commodity futures money. Around 2008-2009 he began to write for an online journal called and for a while it was the fastest growing online newspaper at the time. He had a column in their that talks about financial economic topics, and small business was certainly what he wrote about. Around 2010 he first published his non-fiction book under the Excaping Oz series. It was all about the economy and the financial market. He started his SENTINAL CONSULTING company about 4 years ago. It’s a practice orientated to helping small to mid-sized businesses. Small to mid-sized business if you pay attention to it, it’s the engine of what makes the economy grow.

He has 3 pillars that he talks about in making the small to mid-sized businesses to grow:

  1. Business Consulting – Business owners avoid burning cash and do everything in their power to protect it. Cash flow is King. Sentinel Consulting sorts through some of the key decisions that will make the businesses financially viable. They identify key issues and make recommendations which may involve their partner network.
  2. Alternative Financing – Financial Planning in Sentinel consulting helps small to mid-sized businesses acquire financing when traditional sources are unavailable. Eventually, the main goal is to acquire financing for your company but then return your company to traditional lending sources when cash flow improves. This is a win-win situation for both parties. Traditional Financing options are: Asset-based Lending; Business Loans; Church Financing; Debt Restructuring; Leasing; Lines of Credit; SBA.
  3. Debt Mediation: Trying to resolve your debt in court is not the best resort. If the problems persist the business will find itself in court, but it’s a fight that you are not likely to win. Debt mediation involves an objective financial analysis of and possible capital acquisition to satisfy creditors. Financial resolution would be the best choice, not a legal one. Business consulting would be an alternative finance debt mediation. Sentinel Consulting goal is to bring financial tool to small sized to mid-sized business to the business to keep them healthy. The approach is broad base and objective. Small business health and wellness is necessary to create a strong under pinning for the American economy and Sentinel Consulting wants to be part of that.  Anatomy of Small Business Warning Signs.
  4. 1/3 of accounts payable overdue by 90 days
  5. Skipping debt payments to meet payroll
  6. Collection letter from suppliers

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