It’s All About My Customer, Not About Me Something has been going on in the business that I’ve been working with. Just want to run it by you, get your thought on it, maybe give you some insight on some customer experiences so I think I’m going to call this, It’s Not About Me, It’s All About My Customer. You know a lot of times we get into the thought process of, is it going to be good to me? Is it going to be good for you as a business owner? A lot of times we make protocols, or we put into our system that we are going to do this, we are not going to do this, and we are going to stick to it and then we get some responses from the customer that are not really happy with what we’ve chosen. This is the key. If people call you and you don’t do something about it then be considerate and kind and give them referrals if you can. If customers don’t feel like you care about them, they won’t stay loyal. As a business owner, we need to interact with our customers, old or new, consistently.

Showing a heartfelt emotion to each of them will help you nurture and develop a deep relationship with your customers. Listening to your customers doesn’t mean you just listen to what they say but you have to know what emotion lies behind it. You are giving them your full attention and that’s what makes your customer feels like you really take care of them.

Because then, they know you are focused on what they are saying. Your customers are there to ask help from you so we need to make sure we can properly deliver and extend any offers that we can to assist them. If you were able to acknowledge their concerns right away, you are able to communicate with them efficiently.

There’s a ton of ways of offering assistance to your customers because sometimes you don’t get to talk to them personally so if your customers are not their then go ahead and give them a call as soon as possible when you are able to figure out the solution to their problems.

You show respect to what you are doing and you go the extra mile to let them know everything is going to be ok. Doing all these makes it personal, so the customer really feels that they are a valuable part of your company. And by having a devoted customer helps you level up your income. Why? Because having a trustworthy customer, they go ahead and spread positive feedback to you, other potential customers. And who wouldn’t like that, right?

So, go ahead, just have fun with your clients but don’t forget to engage with them. Follow up on what needs to be followed up to make sure everything went as expected.

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