Today we will be talking with Steve Smith about proven leadership skills to grow by. He’s the president of the Growth Source Coaching, in Orange County, California. He provides performance coaching services to business owners, and a variety of professional industrial and trade industry. He’s focused on helping people replace limited thinking, unproductive habits, and poor decisions.  Making with confidence, building strategies for reaching truly extraordinary outcomes is what he is widely known for. Steve speaks to businesses, professional organizations, co-host business podcast and writes to numerous publications. Today we are going to be talking about Steve’s new book, Leadership Axioms.

Leadership is something we all look at and we look at it differently. If we want to become a leader, we need to become a leader that we are willing to follow. Leadership is all about dealing with people. It involves management systems and how the business operates on a whole. It is directed towards how do you worked with and get the most out of the people that you hire, the people that are working for you and your company.

So, many times initially the reaction of some people are how they want their employees to work as to how they want it to be, which is the typical approach of not looking who they want to be in order for their employees to follow them. The working environment in the present times has radically changed that it doesn’t almost work anymore. The norm used to be “Do as I say and not as I do”. But now if we are to look at things in a different perspective, the people you oversee are what matters. If they operate on a top-notch level it reflects on you.

The leadership and growth principles are there but this time, being a leader is about what we are doing together. When people trust you, care about you, when they are willing to extend great amount of time and effort in helping you achieve your goal it’s when you are assured that you hit the mark because people feel that they the leader they are following are also interested about them, this person thinks about the well-being of their employees and hone them in the best way possible. But, when you are working with someone who is all about them, all about what they want then the natural reaction would be is that the people will be looking for a different company to work for.

When you are hiring someone, in the first 30 days, as a boss you have to set proper expectation and then ask them what exactly is important for them and you will be surprised as to what they will tell you and this, in result, will help you give the right assistance for them in the long run.

The title of this book is interesting. Axiom means are well aged, universally accepted truths needing no proof. The book contains 14 principles but we’ll be talking some of it.

  1. Axiom 2: Accountability – We are generally not taught to be accountable to ourselves so if somewhere along the line, we have that initiative to commit to a great work and desire to help people to do their best on a top-notch level, then you are able to show good leadership by making them perform to the best of their ability.
  2. Axiom 3: Building Trust – When you provide genuine feedback to your employees in private and on the other hand you acknowledge their good work publicly this makes them feel that the trust is there because they will see the importance of being an employee to your company. They will know that their boss does care about them.
  3. Axiom 6: Delegation – Balancing the work loads towards your staff involves making sure you are delegating it to the right people. Find a person who is suited to do the work.
  4. Axiom 8: Feedback – Ask permission first or it will be viewed as unwanted or unappreciated. Develop it in a way that as a boss you are there to hear what they are truly saying and don’t force your beliefs on them. Ask them if they are willing to hear what you want to say.

You may visit this website to know more details about Steve Smith:

***There’s a link in the website for free consultation and the book if in case you want to download it.

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