As I was doing a research for a webinar I am doing, I came across this and Its sort of like old school but not really. It’s not used much, not likely to think about it. You don’t see a whole lot of it. But believe it or not, this kind of advertising will give you up to 500% better response rate than an image advertising. That means it’s your postcards, could be magazine ad with all your stuff on it. Will this work on social media, I could imagine it would.

We’ll be talking about Advertorial Advertising. It gets up to 500% greater response than image advertising, color brochures, or flyers and other forms of products.  It’s proven an advertising fact. Do you want to know why? It doesn’t look like advertising. It looks like news. Advertorial ads are successful because they combine the trusted look in the feel of an editorial or a news article with content that promotes an advertising your business. This marketing strategy will make your phone ring. This will make your prospects to know you. This isn’t the fastest way to attract your clients but it will make your response rate go up. Which is the main goal.

To protect ourselves, what we’ve really learned to do is quickly identify things that look, sound, or smell like advertising. Unless the ad or the commercial gets our attention or interest right away we turn the page or hit the remote control. Most advertising does have an identifiable look and a feel to it. There’s a headline, or maybe not, a pretty picture or whatever the case may be. Like a radar detector, our brain can instantly scan and senses advertisement pictures. The messages larger from the shapes and size whether there’s going to be a special discount something like that and precisely why the best marketing approach to do everything you possibly can.

The secret to making your advertising look like a newspaper story, is to trust and accept the look and feel as we read newspaper prints. Advertorial newspaper advertising has been proven for decades and gets 500% more responses than image advertising. The technique has started over a hundred years ago and it’s one of those lost things. If it’s a new story, people will more likely to read it.

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Advertorial Ads are hidden secret that many people don’t really know about and is not aware of it. Advertorials have been known to post better results and is far likelier to engage the reader. Check the advertorial ads below and play with it. Customer tailor the ad or however you may want it to be.


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4 Hot Marketing Strategies That Can Flood Your Business with Customers

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