The Business of Expertise we all should strive to become experts in our businesses Today we have a special guest, David Baker. He’s an author, adviser, and a speaker. We will be talking about his book: The Business of Expertise. This book teaches entrepreneurs to elevate the impact of advisors. It has 3 cores of Principles. It really is profound in a sense that we have to become experts. The world has really changed in terms of technology and using that to gain knowledge in order to develop a sense of responsibility towards our work.

Niching down or becoming the expert is what we aim to be. When we get started in a business, we become in a sense, everything to everybody. Usually, we are desperate for work, we accept what comes our way, which is a little bit more out of desperation. That is something that might be a good strategy to start with but it’s not sustainable in the long run or overtime. You have to be in a place/situation where we could change the strategy or switch very quickly. Only accept the kind of work that we will be happy doing long-term rather than just sucking all this other opportunity in to the vacuum, and then once we are loaded up with the right opportunity and experiences, then that’s where we go full time otherwise we develop other bad habits and it’s not going to be a good life for you.

People get caught up in the real world and at times they feel like they’re good and strong enough to do their own business. When we compromise our business standards, it’s because we feel some sort of financial pressure. It makes sense to run the business well so that poor financial performance doesn’t prompt us to make some bad decisions. Once we compromise, we basically waste an opportunity.  We are inside our own jar and we can’t see ourselves objectively. Another thing that stops us is courage.  For us to be able to become a better expert in each of our own marketplace, we need to know how to position ourselves. It helps us to develop our deep expertise even further. Part of this is knowing how much opportunity is there in the marketplace and asking yourself these set of questions will let you know if you are headed to the right path.

  1. How much good am I?
  2. How much money can I make?
  3. How much work will I be able to enjoy?

This helps us differentiate the service that we are able to give. If we know how to position ourselves in the marketplace we have targeted, then we are able to review the entire business that we are about to provide to our clients. Your clients are needed in your marketplace because that is how you get your evaluation, your reviews, your feedback. These are very important to become an expert in your chosen field. We dig deeper by studying the most effective ways for us to exhibit our expertise.

The tenacity to grow, learn and love the workload that we have in this industry is what makes us establish ourselves and our company. Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, each business owners, each entrepreneur, they set a foundation for themselves to tackle any obstacles and these emphasize their courageous decisions to make sure they position themselves to the key to success. The transition that each business owners takes from the very beginning until the present displays their ability and proficiency of knowing their weakness and turning that to their own advantage.

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