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Our marketing podcast is unlike anything available elsewhere to contractors…we talk with marketing specialists across the board who give us concrete tips directed entirely towards the trades. Some of the topics we cover include Marketing, Sales Cycles, Pricing, Positioning, Branding and more. We discuss what has worked for us, why it has worked, and why it might not have worked. Good marketing is the key to having a very profitable business. We are a marketing resource to contractors in the building, painting, pressure washing, roofing, plumbing…heck almost any trade that you can mention.

There needs to be a change in my business . I’ve been told a lot through some people I worked with. Things got to change. Business has to be better. I’ve got to have more money, I’ve got to have more customers, I’ve got to have more business.

Doing what you’ve always done only get you what you’ve always got. By saying, I need change, things need to change, is like asking what can I do to change? Here are some of the things that we will be talking today. Hopefully we’ll get pass this whole thing and we will move forward to do better, to do more and again we have to change in order for these to happen.

Wanting to get better and different results in your business while continuing what you have been doing is a topic that has always been in the mind of business owners. The steps that each owner is following needs to change in order for them to also change so that results will become better if not the best for their business.

It doesn’t take forever to change, it takes an instant second to change, it’s like a snap of a finger because you have come to a realization that it must be. The need to have a change in our business needs to be addressed. The only way that we can reach a whole new level to success and to your self-esteem without changing your behavior is to keep in mind that you need to have good results by the end of the day and what are the things you need to keep on innovating.

This is the greatest challenge that most people go through. As soon as you change your thinking, you’ll not only change your income but you’ll also change your life. What kind of thinking do we need to have? The kind that says, things will improve as soon as you get your name out there. As soon as you establish a reputation.

Don’t spend your money in places to something that won’t help you increase your reputation. Getting clients and customers to call is the bottom line. Attracting the right types of clients, the right way, whether it would be email marketing, Facebook advertising, pay-per-click, post card advertising. They all work, you just have to pick a couple and then as time goes by you can just add more.

As your business grows, you will add more multiple streams of marketing. It boils down to how you see the world, determines how the worlds sees you. In other words, if you think the world is full of people is interested on what you have to sell and your job is to find those people to direct response marketing you WILL find them. If on the other hand, you feel that it’s your professionalism or it’s your good name are enough to make people beg for your products or services, you’re not going to make sales. It’s time to make a complete new view.

We always say that we get what we want. You need to adapt a whole new attitude to make the system work for you. Open yourself to new reality, and when you do you can experience all kinds of successes. But where does all this start? It all starts with us and it’s called “MENTAL GARBAGE” or REMOVING THE TRASH. It’s a battle that most of us go through a lot and the thoughts are like ‘IF YOU WORK HARD, YOU WILL SUCCEED’, this is complete garbage. Working hard does not ensure success. Willing to change and do the things that I need to do to learn the strategies, the principles that I have to do to work smarter. It’s not working harder but to work smarter. One of the biggest challenges is knowing what kind of marketing works best for each of us. Continue the process of learning. Because every day is a learning process. Get creative. We need to always ask ourselves “What am I doing now that needs to get better results?” This will create ways to get the head trash out of your way. This will move you to new heights. It’s about getting the head start. It’s about getting past the ‘’I’ve always done it this way”, “The expecting to get results from doing the same thing every time”.  It’s getting to that conscious decision to change not only your business, because your business won’t change unless you change inside out. Become more of who you want to be in terms of your business.

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