What are the unanswered questions every employee needs answered today’s podcast we will be talking with Jeffrey Davidson about that topic. Jefferey Davidson likes to talk about is leading a great team. He loves seeing a team work together and a good leader leading a team. Seeing things done right is a good feeling for him. Taking your professional teams from a “meh” level to a maze ball.

He is engaging, thought provoking and sometimes get you excited, you think you forgot to pee. Jeffrey has been exploring the boundaries of world class team for over 20 years, and is a recognized expert in strengthening leaders and building teams. He has worked with hundreds of teams and thousands of employees, and consulted with multiple fortune one hundred corporation. He’s a dynamic presenter, he speaks in conferences across the US and in Canada, and his audiences loves his interactive and high energy talk because it includes humor, real life stories, success with many brushes of failures which is the best way to learn.

Jeff likes to talk about is leading a great team. He loves seeing a team work together and a good leader leading a team. Seeing things done right is a good feeling for him. Taking your professional teams from a “meh” level to a maze ball. The “meh” is a bad version of bla people are showing up but they’re not showing up, they’re here but not present, they’re looking for the paycheck, but they’re not going the extra mile. How a leader does or share things, act or organize things leads people to act that way. People are disengaged and the employees feels that they don’t have any power to change it. Employees have a lot of questions in their head but they don’t have the chance to ask it, so as a leader it’s their job to answer it proactively. Knowing that your staff feels that way, they feel that they have a meaning in going to work makes a big difference.

  1. Giving meaning is the first job of a boss or an organization. It’s to make sure that your employees have a difference to make.
  2. Clarity. It’s to set the proper expectation towards the people working for you. Let them know what exactly they need to do and what success looks like. Have that excitement to go to work.
  3. Structure. Knowing how we get things done. Needing the right tools to use, and how to be able to simplify it. The process and the structure and the environment are all those things we need to have those stuff because if the structure is on the way the employee won’t know how to go about the right process to follow. The boss needs to be involve to make sure that the structure is right and the support is there to master all these things.

How does a busy man turn his team to a stand out ground? There are 2 things that we got to do:

  1. You’ve got to figure out how to get people to work together. We encourage them. If there’s are things that get in the way we need to call it out. We need to have dynamics to be able to become a team.
  2. We need to have feedback. Without feedback, we don’t change. It’s because we need to be better that what we were yesterday. Every system doesn’t like changes like in biology, it’s called “homeostasis”. How do we get beyond this, and the answer is you need to ask questions for yourselves. Teach your team to ask each other and ask their boss. Let them acknowledge the fact that all did a good job.

This is amazing because everyone becomes part of the team and everyone learns how to do good work. Knows how to ask themselves on what they need to refocus, so they can succeed on their goals. It’s becoming better and better every day. Interactions should show positively as well. The willingness to grow is what will make a successful team. A good leader sets expectation and this is what excellence looks like but still acknowledge your hard work. Because this is still part of good team work and this is what being a leader that you would like to follow.  Don’t wait for an annual review to get better. Have that small conversation to get that positive change.

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