Stop Prejudging Your Customers in the Sales Process with Dave Negri 239

December 8, 2017

Stop pre-judging your customer in the sales process Listen we’ve all done it and some of us more than others.

We do not know what our clients can afford or not afford, want or don’t want or how they will react because someone else didn’t do that before, so don’t put that roadblock on your path to success so stop prejudging,

Do you think you can predict the client’s reaction with hundred percent accuracy let me tell you a story I love this story

Zig Ziglar one of my heroes

Stories that were just awesome, but you know he started out selling expensive pots and pans and one day he had to go up to this house where he had an appointment

When he entered the house, it was a real tiny house had five or six kids

and they didn’t look like they could afford anything. Zig prejudged the whole situation

He starts going through his presentation and he talks himself out of the sale.

He is telling himself that these people are poor, living all cramped up In this little house he’s going these people will never, never be able to afford this pots and pans set.

So, just in the middle of the presentation he packs up and he walks out the door then say we’re just packs up and walks out the door and the guy goes chasing Zig out the door and says to Zig where are you going with my cook ware set. Talk about pre-judging. So, from that day on he never pre-judged anyone

Lear form the master NEVER prejudge any one on what their ability to purchase their ability to figure out what they wanted he would just present the facts give it to them and let them make their own decisions

So today when you go out to do a presentation be you best, do the best presentation of the facts and let them make the decision.

Because if you make the decision in your head for them you have automatically lost the sale.


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