SIT DOWN, SHUT-UP, AND COLOR! Leading the MY generation. D. Kevin Berchelmann 158

January 26, 2017

SIT DOWN, SHUT-UP, AND COLOR! Leading the “MY” generation.  D. Kevin Berchelmann 158

Entitlement thinking? Don’t you just love it??

More and more, many employees feel that the rewards of business, employment, and hard, successful work are a ‘right,’ not the reward and recognition for performance, or results of a business need.

What’s up with that??

Kevin calls it the “MY” generation.

His session on leading through these entitlement ideas is entertaining, and sure to evoke responses from all attending.

After all, we all ‘know someone who.’ Now, don’t be misled into thinking that this “MY” generation is “generational.” It isn’t.

It crosses all ages and demographics; all industries and backgrounds.

It is certainly not a play on words representing Generation X, Y, Z, Q, or any other such ridiculously-labeled group of people.

It’s people just like you and me. Us. So, it’s growing like a weed, and we can’t blame it on a single age-group (darn it!). What, then, are we to do?

Kevin Berchelmann talks about what we, yes we, as business owners have done to create this type of behavior and thought process.

It’s not just in the construction arena, it’s in every arena and we are seeing more of it as more people come onto the workforce. And make no mistake, its including every generation.

The entitlement feeling is like morphine across all generations now, so it’s something we al have to deal with.

But what causes or caused the problem with this type of thinking and behavior?

It hasn’t appeared all of a sudden or on its own, so what are some of the possible causes of this thought process that seems to be running rampant in our work force?

It’s not like we are victims, we woke up one day and it was just there.

Think about this. you have a policy at work could be something as simple as being late.

It’s your policy that tardy ness is not tolerated, the offense along with the consequences are in the hand book, but when someone comes in a little late, they apologize the first couple of times nothing is done and now they feel entitled. You need to ask yourself why there was never any consequence.

So let me ask you this… who’s fault is it for the final attitude and behavior? The boss is!

I know this seems small and of no consequence, it does lead to a much larger epidemic of poor attitudes and behaviors.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Whose responsibility is it to repair the damage that has been done?

Whose responsibility is it to retrain employees to change this unyielding attitude?

It’s always easier to blame someone else.

But that’s not the correct answer.

Kevin Berchelmann has some great thoughts about the work environment and how to help create strong leaders.

Does your company desire to have Kevin help your leaders lead and have your organization succeed?

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