Simple Steps For Adding Customers With Really Cheap Marketing- You Decide #27

July 24, 2014

Simple steps for adding customers  with really 

 cheap marketing you decide

This week we lay out a simple program for growth

The growth challenge 30 days to more profits

How simple can it get?

If you want to grow your business it really can’t get any simpler

This is so simple it’s absolutely crazy marketing but it works.

It will work if you are a one man operation or have 100 employees.

You get to work in your specific target area with your ideal customer.

In order for this simple strategy to work effectively you have to know your numbers.

What does it cost you to walk out of the door each day drop dead break even.

It will be helpful if you know your customer lifetime value then you will be able to see the bigger picture.

Once   you know our customer lifetime value things change. There is so much more you can do to grow your business.

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