Setting Goals for 2017 and beyond to Secure your Future Tom Hopkins 151

December 8, 2016

Today we are going to be talking with Tom Hopkins about goal setting. Tom is recognized as the Number One Sales Trainer having over 5 million people attending his training events.

I have read many of Tom Hopkin books and been through a number of his Audio courses. We’re coming up to the end of the year and you know we’ve set most of our goals and we can do some final adjustments, but only “pretty much”…nothing specific and set in stone.

Now is the time to start setting goals for next year.

Tom says that life is like a big blueprint and in order for that blueprint to work properly, we have to take the time to draw the proper plans for the way we want our lives to look for the short term and the long term.

This next year is coming up fast and before you know it will be over and if we don’t make the time to draw out that blueprint for the future we will end up exactly we didn’t plan to be, nowhere.

And when we come to the conclusion that we didn’t plan correctly how can we get mad at the results?

Business owners need to sit down and just maybe take an hour total, being away from everyone and if they’re married sit with their spouse and say okay, “here’s what happened this last year, here’s what we made, here’s the income, here’s our profit, here’s our goals and we reach them. Then they have to really sit down lay out a plan to get there, like a blueprint which is how you build a building.

Now you are building a life blueprint.

What do you want to happen with your business, your growth, your profitability, your employees, your systems? If you have ever read a house blueprint it is very detailed, so detailed that if it’s not followed then the house doesn’t get built correctly and things will not come together correctly.

Why is it that we don’t treat our lives and our futures that detailed of a manner?

Write it down, visualize, internalize it and make it happen.

Most people spend more time planning a 2-week vacation than they do plan their life and their family’s future.

Make an appointment with yourself and don’t miss the appointment.

One of the keys is writing it down! It definitely has got to be committed to a paper and put in a place where you’re not going to lose it. Put in a place you can look at on a regular basis like once a week or something like that.

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