Seo for Growth with Phil Singleton episode 189

August 31, 2017

Seo for Growth with Phil Singleton episode 189

Phil Singleton walks the walk when it comes to explaining

what Seo really is and how it works very simple so that even I could understand the whole concept. In a nut shell.

Everybody uses google. Weather you have a product or a service you want to be out there.

But you must be there so people can find you especially in your local area. You need to be found so

Your potential customers can find you.

This is what Phil does for you. It’s like this when you need someone to fix a tooth you go see a dentist  you don’t try to do it yourself it could be dangerous. Same thing with SEO oyu hire an expert like  Phil

So He can do what he does best (you ad him to you profit making team ) and you go do what you do best.


In his book SEO for growth Phil says that the actually wrote in English for the most part so we all could understand it . It’s all about a system and taking the time to map it out and then put the plan into action.


Get Phil’s Singletons book  Seo For Growth  this will take you  to amazon to go check it out  read a chapter

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